Things I Thought I Hated in Romance Novels (And the Books That Proved Me Wrong)

I’ve seen these questions asked many times in the book blogging community:

What do you hate in romance novels?
What tropes can’t you stand?
What are your romance novel pet peeves?

I used to have several definitive answers to this question, but slowly, as I’ve read more and more romance novels, I’ve come across so many books that have proven me so very, very wrong.

Now, whenever this question comes up, I struggle.

I struggle because even though there are many books that get these things wrong, there are still those few who get them right and part of me feels like I’d be betraying those great books if I listed those pet peeves. I know, it’s silly, but for those of you who view reading books as time spent with close friends will understand where I’m coming from.

And even if I haven’t come across a book that defies me yet, I know that one may exist – I just haven’t read it yet.

Honestly, I think this mindset could go for any genre of books. I mean, if the story is good enough? The things you think you hate can easily turn into the things you love … if done right.


Here is a list of my romance novel pet peeves… and the books that proved me wrong:

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How I Met My Book: How to Kill a Rockstar by Tiffanie DeBartolo

How I Met My Book is a series in which you introduce your readers to a book on your shelf and share all about how it came to be there. I first discovered this series on The Book Dutchesses and decided to incorporate it here on my blog.


The story of how I discovered How to Kill a Rockstar by Tiffanie DeBartolo is one of the my interesting tales.

It all began with an obsession with a band called Ours and their lead singer, Jimmy Gnecco.

My sister introduced me to Ours well over a decade ago.

You see, Ours isn’t the type of band that has fans. They have followers. Worshippers.

Jimmy lays his soul out for the plucking in every single song. The way he uses his voice to convey emotion is breathtaking.

As most of you may know, my two sisters and I are huge readers thanks to my mom’s obsession with books. We are constantly sharing music and books.

This all came together when my sister excitedly told me that she discovered that an author had written a book in which the main character was based on Jimmy.

She was reading a news site for the band and the book was mentioned in an article.

Of course, we both immediately bought the book.

Little did we know we’d soon discover our all-time favorite author.

Tiffanie DeBartolo seemed to be the only person on the entire planet that could put into words what Ours followers feel when they listen to Jimmy’s voice put to music.

Even the way she describes Paul is how I’d describe Jimmy. The description of “flashlight eyes” that she uses for Paul is Jimmy through and through.

How to Kill a Rockstar

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Jimmy a couple of times and I swear, when he looks at you, the world stops. His deep-set eyes seem to glow in the dark like a cat.

Jimmy’s flashlight eyes on full display even through a camera lens

I will forever be jealous of my sister for this experience, but during an Ours concert that she attended (one of the few she went to without me!) she brought a copy of How to Kill a Rockstar, and when she met Jimmy after the concert, she asked him to sign the book. He agreed and said, “Why don’t you have Tiffanie sign it, too?”

According to my sister, she began freaking out more about meeting Tiffanie than she had about meeting him. She clutched Jimmy’s arm in excitement as he led her over to Tiffanie.

Tiffanie turned out to be absolutely amazing. She and my sister became good friends and a few months later I was able to meet her as well.

We met in a small diner where the two of us interrogated her about her books, writing, and music… then we went to see her brother-in-law’s band together. It was such a surreal experience.

She and my sister still keep in touch to this day, and I talk to her occasionally.

I’ve read How to Kill a Rockstar about a million and a half times. So much so that the book is literally in pieces, has my underlines and scribbles all throughout, and Tiffanie’s signature on the front. I destroy the books I love and this book is the most destroyed out of all the books I own.


Have you read this book? How did you meet your most recent read?

Throwback Favorites: Some of my Favorite Romance Novels from Back in the Day

I’ve been obsessed with romance novels for as long as I can remember, so I’ve been wanting to do some sort of throwback-type book recommendation post that highlights books that I loved years ago.

Some of these books I’ve reread recently, others I haven’t read in a decade (or longer), but I do remember adoring them.

All of the books I’m listing here are books that I read for the first time over 5 years ago. (That’s not to say I haven’t reread them recently. I get obsessive, what can I say.)

Feel free to play along! Ransack your bookshelf or flip your “Read” shelf on Goodreads to descending dates read and play along!

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Top 5 Wednesday: Characters’ Fitness Routines I Want


Happy Top 5 Wednesday!

Things have been hectic around here with school starting this week, but I couldn’t miss a Top 5 Wednesday. Especially this one since the theme is “Characters’ Fitness Routines You Want,” and I am currently on Month 3 of trying to up my fitness game.

As a little reminder, Top 5 Wednesdays is a theme/tag developed by GingerReadsLainey and moderated by Sam from Thoughts on Tomes. I discovered T5W thanks to Amanda over at A Court of Books and Love. Check out the GoodReads group if you’d like to participate, too!

And we’re off…

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