My Very First Reading Vlog!

Ok, so, to be fair, this isn’t your typical reading vlog.

I had every intention of doing a traditional BookTube Reading Vlog™, but then I realized that I do not have the equipment nor do I have the creativity to set up my phone to use as a camera to record a traditional reading vlog at the moment.

Instead, I updated my Instagram Stories throughout my Winter Break, downloaded the videos at the end of my break, threw them together in iMovie, slapped in some music and a couple of slides at the end and now I can share them here!

Maybe one day I will attempt a BookTube situation, but I’m really self-conscious and awkward when talking to myself in front of a camera (I talk to myself just fine without a camera, interestingly enough) also, I have small children that interrupt every three seconds.

Anyway, this is basically the longest intro ever to a super basic video, but in case you have some free time and want a very brief peek into my life while on vacation, check it out here:


Happy reading! I hope you all had a lovely holiday season.

PS – what are your favorite BookTube channels?