Quotes from Blood Water Paint by Joy McCullough

I just finished reading Blood Water Paint and I’m still ruminating on this novel.

If you aren’t familiar with it – as I wasn’t before I came across it on Book Outlet – this is a feminist YA historical fiction novel based on the true story of the young female artist Artemisia Gentileschi in the late 1500 – early 1600s.

Trigger warnings for abuse, rape, beheadings, and lots of blood.

I’ve decided to share some of my favorite quotes from this novel. I could easily just copy and paste the entire thing because I adored it so much, however, I’ll just choose my favorites:

In a moment of madness
(or clarity)
my ambition
burns a hole in the ceiling,
allows the light
a direct path to
my canvas.

I wish men
would decide
if women were heavenly
angels on high,
or earthbound sculptures
for their gardens.

But either way we’re beauty
for consumption.

Beauty is a heavy crown.
So is womanhood.

Watch your passion.
It’s dangerous

What can he tell a woman about danger?

Brush in hand.
I do not move.

I used to know
what it was for
but now I can’t
connect to this thing
to any purpose.

His voice
His breath
His breadth
are always in my thoughts
but why
is he here
in the flesh?
He should be covered in my blood.

(Imagine a man who stands
up for a woman’s trugh.)

If Judith had a sword
to weild at this moment
I’d never get the blood
off my walls.

But that’s the thing about perspective
The slightest shift
transforms the subject

I’ve choked on truth
for so many weeks
and now it’s finally out
I’m outraged
Father didn’t know.

I won’t let him
avert his eyes
any longer.

My story does not waiver.
I paint the blood
they do not want to see.
If I must bear the wounds
then they can stand to look
upon them for a moment.
They’ll have the luxury
of forgetting.

Those women who dare
to judge
your heart
by your body
will never have
an ounce of your worth.

Women who speak truth.
And listen to me, love.
When a woman risks
her place, her very life to speak
a truth the world despises?
Believe her. Always.

“Those two lechers will be stoned because of what you did!”
“They’ll be stoned because of what THEY did.”
(This is so important, love. They’ll be stoned because of what THEY did.)
But Susanna knows she will spend the rest of her live reliving this, explaining this.

Being in the right is not always the solace you might expect.

There will come a day,
when this horror is not the
only color on the palette.

I do not know painting.
I do know something of pain.

I will show you
what a woman can do.

Favorite Quotes from Neanderthal Seeks Human (Knitting in the City, #1) by Penny Reid

As my first Penny Reid book, Neanderthal Seeks Human will always have a special place in my heart.

Today I’m sharing some of my favorite quotes from the book. Enjoy!

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Favorite Quotes from the Darkly, Madly Duet by Trisha Wolfe

If you haven’t read this duet yet, maybe these amazing quotes will convince you.

Don’t worry, this post is spoiler-free!

Trisha Wolfe is an incredible writer (one of my all-time favorites)… and here is the proof.

Shame is the conception of most sins against ourselves.

“What do you want?” A simple question, but the answer will determine everything. His steely gaze latches on to me. “I want to live. And I want you.” Time suspends.

Change is the one constant you can depend on.

Which rules do we obey? Those of man, or those of the universe? On a long enough timeline, the rules of man change, and they change quite often. What was once considered a sin punishable by death is now a simple social media update, an expression of sexual preference, politics, religious belief. A hundred years from now, sin in its current state might be a laughable pastime, the way we look back on our ancestors who once believed the world was flat. Or the way we resent the ignorance of the Salem Witch Trials.

When gravity makes itself known, we’re powerless to stop the collision. Knowing you’re being drawn into a black hole does little to prevent the inevitable.


I feel the force of his words, the lure reeling me in—and I’m powerless against it. I want more. I want to shut the blinds and block out the judgmental world and only exist in this one hour where shame doesn’t live.

When I look into his eyes, I see myself. Not a reflection of the woman—but the hollow echo of my blood-stained soul.


If he’s evil, then am I in danger of falling for the devil, or am I the devil herself?

My own design of love may be a twisted creature, but that creature is hungry and demands to be fed.

Stunned, I stare down at him. “You’re a monster.” “I’m your monster.


I’ve paid my dues to this world, a world that robbed me early on, that fashioned me into a killer and now wants to punish me for it. I owe it nothing.

She is my salvation. And I am her long-awaited consequence.

“I hate you,” I whisper. “You hate everything but me.”


From the very beginning, people have divided good and evil. Two beings fighting for dominance. I don’t believe in divine beings. Life is simpler than that. We’re our own gods and devils. Capable of the vilest evil and of the holiest righteousness. We make our own rules, and create our own heavens and hells. We choose them every day.

“We weren’t born the day we took our first breath. We were born the moment we stole it.”

When pain is the only emotion you’ve ever known, it’s all you crave. It lets you know you’re alive.

But the higher we climbed, drugged on each other, ruling over a damned world that bowed and trembled before the god-like monsters we’d become, the harder our fall.

We are perfection. And we are the fear that lurks beneath it.


She’s the artist and I’m her canvas, waiting for her to complete our story.

A pained expression creases his features. He doesn’t have to say a word, because I’m feeling the same constriction in my chest. The unbearable affliction of not enough.

The danger lies in whether or not we’ll survive each other.


“I love the look on your face right now,” Grayson says as he feathers my hair over my shoulder delicately. “Like someone is about to suffer.”

“Epiphany,” he repeats, a calm expression softening the sharp lines of his features. That rare dimple carves his cheek. “You were my epiphany.”

Doubt is a festering sore. It starts out small, barely noticeable, but you know it’s there. The more you touch it, probe it, worry it, the bigger it gets, until it’s a black, gaping wound.


“What do you feel?” I ask. His glacier blue eyes flick over my face. “Fascinated.”

Love is pain. Real love—the one not spewed in poetry—is agony.


I’ve heard scholars argue that these men were mad—but what is genius if not madness?

I’m a devil with a heart. Pure lunacy. But then, even the devil loves passionately, ardently, coveting this world…so much so that he rebuffed heaven.

Good things don’t emerge from basements and cellars… Dark things do. Demons burned by the light.

“I’m not the hero, London,” I say. “But I’m not the villain, either.”

I walk inside, and as soon as I see her, my heart lurches. It only ever beats for her.

Not all demons are born to the dark. And not all angels seek the light. Sometimes our circumstance demands a fusion of both. There is no good and evil. Only the time spent between both heaven and hell, where we find our peace. And love. Even the vilest of monsters deserve to be loved.

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Favorite Quotes from A Court of Thorns and Roses

For this month’s Favorite Quotes post, I’m going to share my favorites from A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas.

This is my all-time favorite series and while this isn’t my favorite book in it, I still really enjoyed this book. I’ll be sharing favorite quotes from A Court of Mist and Fury next month!

Disclaimer: This post contains all the spoilers in the world. Tread carefully!

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Favorite Quotes from The Hating Game

As you may or may not know already, The Hating Game by Sally Thorne is one of my all-time favorite books. So much so that it is one of my comfort reads, a book I’ve read dozens of times.

I love the audiobook, but I’ve also gone through and read the hard copy and underlined all of my favorite quotes and lines from the book.

I figured I’d share them with you, now.

Fair warning: there are so many spoilers in this post, it’s ridiculous. It’s definitely meant for die-hard fans of the book like me!

Favorite Lines & Quotes from The Hating Game by Sally Thorne

Our stares clash and maybe comparing them to an ink stain was a tad too hard. Those eyes are wasted on him.


He advances like a floating Dracula. The menace is ruined by a crinkling sporting-goods-store bag loudly crinkling against his leg.

“Smurfs, huh? So that’s what those little boxes are. I thought maybe you were buying your tiny clothes online. Do you think it’s appropriate to get personal items delivered to your workplace, Lucinda?”

“If I can knock him out and get him into a crate, can you have him delivered somewhere remote?”

“Absolutely pathetic.”
I make a Jeopardy! Buzzer sound. “‘Who is Joshua Templeman?”

He reclines back in his chair in a way I can never manage to do. The back of my chair doesn’t budge when I’ve tried to recline. I only succeed in rolling backward and bumping into the wall.

I ignore him.
“I don’t know anyone by that name.”

He’s holding his paintball gun in a cool way, pointed straight at the sky. I try to copy him and begin to drop it.
“Dork,” he comments unnecessarily. He must have strong wrists.
“Shut up.”

My moment is here and he needs to get the flag. I grab handfuls of his paintball suit and swing him around behind me against a tree.
“What are you –” He starts to say behind my back, but I’m scanning the terrain for the ambush. I’m Lara Croft, raising her guns, eyes burning with retribution. I can see the shape of the enemy’s elbow behind the barrels.

Joshua is standing with one hand on his hip and I instinctively raise my gun. It’s time. Lucy versus Joshua, total annihilation. He walks over to me, completely unperturbed by my actionman pose and takes the gun.


“You? Come back to get me? I’d be here all night.”
“Hey. Don’t talk like that anymore, all right?” He’s annoyed.

“Tell me where to go, then.”
“Go to hell.” I start laughing again.
“So, that’s where you came from.”
“Shuddup. Go left.”


I stumble into the bathroom, leaving the door ajar. I pee, flush, and then realize how unladylike I was. Oh, well. He’s seen and heard almost everything now. There’s nothing left to do but fake my own death and start a new life.

I spread my hands lightly around his neck, just to check the fit, and he narrows one eye.
“Go ahead,” he tells me. “Do it.”

“You’re his BROTHER,” I say in childlike wonder when the rusted cogs in my brain clunk into place. “I thought he was an experiment gone wrong.”
They look at each other and Josh’s brother laughs. “She’s so cute.”

His eyes flicker with surprise. “Lucy.”
“Lucinda,” I whisper archly. He turns away to smile, but I catch his sleeve.
“Don’t. I’ve already seen it.” I’m never getting over his smile.

“Stop calling me Shortcake.” I try to roll onto my side but he presses the heels of his palms lightly against my shoulders. I stop breathing.
“Watching you pretend to hate that nickname is the best part of my day.”


“Do you like strawberries?” I don’t know what else to say.
“I love strawberries. So much, you have no idea.” He sounds so kind that I feel a wave of emotion. I can’t open my eyes. He’ll see I have tears in them.

“So. Josh Templeman. What’s his deal?”
“The devil sent his only son to earth.”

If I’d thrown a torn-up wish list into a fireplace, he’s the guy Mary Poppins would have delivered.

“Danny Fletcher has a cliched evening in store for you. Italian restaurant, checkered tablecloth. Probably a candle. He’ll push the last meatball to you with his nose. Second date, right?”

“Josh, I want to be friends with you. Or something. I have no idea why, because you’re awful.”

He looks down to watch my hand spread out over his stomach. I push at the hard flesh. It doesn’t remotely give. “Are you wearing a bullet-proof vest?”
“I’ve got to in this office.”

“The date itself went fine,” I begin, but he steps close and cradles my jaw in his hands. The tension is crackling like static.
“Fine. Fine and great and nice. You need something more than fine. Tell me the truth.”
“Fine is exactly what I need. I need something normal and easy.” I see disappointment in his eyes.
“That’s not what you need. Trust me.”
I try to turn my face away, but he won’t allow it. I feel his thumb trace across my cheek. I try to push him away, but end up tugging him closer, his T-shirt in my fists.

He walks into the building lobby with me under his arm like a rolled-up newspaper. He even checks his mailbox…
“I always thought you’d live underground somewhere, near the earth’s core.”…
“Uncle Satan didn’t have any apartments available in my price range.”

“Where’s the dart board with my picture on it?” I lean in a little farther.
“It’s in the spare room.”

“I snooped through your apartment. It’s your turn.”
I’m flustered. I try to hide it with a joke. “Did you find all the pictures I have of you with your eyes scratched out?”
“No, I never did find your scrapbook. I do know you’ve got twenty-six Papa Smurfs, and you don’t fold your bed sheets properly.”

I’m getting dangerously high off of his smiles. This is my third one now? I’m stuffing them into my pockets. Cramming them into my mouth.


“I won!” I scream as I run at him. He has enough time to put out his arms as I jump. He hits the back wall with a grunt as I manage to get my arms and legs around him…
I try to muster up the strength to let him go, but the addictive press of our bodies together is stronger than my willpower.
“Okay then.” He begins to walk down the hallway. I’m clinging like a koala to his front, coat flapping, my bag bumping against his gym bag…
“Every man should get a welcome home like that.”
“Don’t mind me. Go about your business.”

When his bedroom door opens and he appears again, I am a mature young woman, legs elegantly crossed, flipping through a medical textbook, sipping my tea…I turn the page and unfortunately a lurid diagram of an erect penis glares up at me.
“I am trying to be more normal.”
He looks at the page. “How’s it working out so far?”
“I’m glad this isn’t a pop-up book.”

“I feel like a duchess when I’m here. You don’t have to wait on me.”
“Some horrible monsters secretly enjoy spoiling little duchesses.”


“You should treat yourself to something small each night. No point in being cruel to yourself.”
“Something small, huh?” He looks at me pointedly. “Okay.”

Act natural, Lucy. Walk in there like sex on legs. No awkwardness. Go.
He looks at me, my ankle wobbles, and I drop my handbag. The lid of my lunchbox pops off and a tomato rolls across the floor. I drop to my hands and knees and my stiletto heel gets caught on the dangling buckle belt of my coat.
“Crap.” I try to crawl.
“Smooth.” Josh gets up and walks to me.
He unhooks my coat and gathers up my lunch, before holding a hand down to me. I hesitate minutely before I take it, letting him haul me up.
“Can I rewind my entrance?”

“Oh, I’m your guest now?”…
“My hostage. My blackmailed, unwilling captive. Stockholm Shortcake.”

I have to jiggle the driver’s seat forward about a mile, necessitating quite a lot of jerky pelvic thrusts. He slides the passenger seat back without comment and watches me as I struggle. I snap on my seat belt and angle the rearview mirror down about a mile.
“What a phone book to sit on? How’d you get so small?”
“I shrank in the wash.”

Usually he kisses soft. Tonight, I like kissing hard.


“Are you going to kill me tonight?” he asks against my mouth, and I kiss him again fiercely.
“I’m going to try.”

“You look like a hot virginal dork who’s been defiled in the backseat of my car.”
His eyes spark with amusement. “That’s how I feel.”

I go to my handbag and dig in it, finding my lipstick.
“Can I see something?” He’s got his tie flapping loose as he takes the tube from me and reads the bottom.
“Flamethrower. How appropriate.”
“Do you want me to tone it down?” I rattle my handbag, searching.
“I fucking love your red.” He kisses my mouth before I apply.
He watches me applying the lipstick, blotting, reapplying and by the time I’m done he looks like he’s endured something.

You’ve got to hand it to Josh. For a prickly pear, he commits completely to a hug.

“It killed me to watch you try your heart out for people who were using your kindness. It made me want to stand up for you, and protect you from it. I couldn’t though, because you hated me, so I had to get you to stand up for yourself.”

When I kiss him, his exhalation is long, until he’s surely completely empty. I want to fill him back up.

“I haven’t wanted you this long, and gone through so much, and given up so much, to have you for one night. It’s not enough.”


“Since the moment I saw you. Since the moment you smiled at me. I felt like I was falling backward off a cliff. The feeling has never stopped. I’ve been trying to drag you down with me. In the worst, most ill-conceived and socially retarded way possible.”


Were your favorite quotes from The Hating Game in this post? If not, what are they?