Free & KU Books I Downloaded in December

I am notorious for overloading my Kindle with free eBooks, so I decided to exploit that particular habit and share with you the books that piqued my interest in the month of December.

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The Pool Boy by Nikki Sloane

Available on KU

This is an age-gap romance in which the heroine is older than the hero.


The Stopover (The Miles High Club #1) by TL Swan

Available on KU

I loved this one! The heroine gets upgraded to first class where she meets the hero. They have a one night stand and a year later she finds out he’s the owner of the new company she works at!


The Takeover (The Miles High Club #2) by TL Swan

Available on KU

I also loved this book! The heroine is a widow and single mom of three trouble-making boys. She works at the company that the hero is attempting to take over. It’s an enemies-to-lovers romcom.


That Second Chance (Getting Lucky Book #1) by Meghan Quinn

Available on KU

An adorable small town romance between a widow and a new-to-town teacher.


Forbidden Planet (Rise of the Gladiator #1) by Cheree Alsop

Downloaded for free

This is a space opera bodyguard gladiator romance!


The Sinners on Tour Boxed Set by Olivia Cunning

Downloaded on sale

A steamy rockstar romance series!


Mounted by a Monster: Under Her Bed by Mina Shay

Downloaded for free

I mean, the title says it all. There is a monster under the heroines bed and the only way to “soothe” it is to… well, you know.


The Prince and the Troll (Faraway collection) by Rainbow Rowell

Downloaded for free

A man befriends the “thing” that is living under a bridge!


The Nine-Inch Difference by Cleo Peitsche

Downloaded for free

A menage between a woman who is looking to purchase an AI for “pleasure” and the owner of the company that she mistakes for an AI for sale!


Filthy Marcellos: Lucian by Bethany-Kris

Downloaded for free

A motorcycle club romance that is potentially a star-crossed lovers situation.


Hating the Boss by Kristen Granata

Downloaded for free

An enemies to lovers romcom / one night stand gone wrong.


Seduction Games: (Game for Cookies Book 1) by Allyson Lindt

Downloaded for free

A menage where a gamer girls gets invited into her gamer friends relationship when she’s down on her luck.


The Necklace: The Dusky Club, June 1962 by Linda S. Rice

Downloaded for free

A time-travel rockstar romance!


Snow Queen (Haunted Ballet Book 1) by Ava Quintana

Downloaded for free

A romantic suspense where ballerinas from The Nutcracker are going missing.


Vampire King (Adult Fairy Tale, Cinderella #1) by Joanna Mazurkiewicz

Downloaded for free

A Cinderella retelling, but make it vampires.


Lies We Share: A Prologue by Ella Miles

Downloaded for free

A mysterious dark romance.


Little Dove by KC Decker

Another mysterious dark romance – the heroine has a dark secret and she’s lusting after her bad boy neighbor.


Hearts Reclaimed (Ardor Creek Book 1) by Ayla Asher

Downloaded for free

An enemies-to-lovers home renovation romance. The hero is a widower and the heroine’s fiance has cheated on her.


HOOPS Holiday: A Holiday Collection by Kennedy Ryan

Downloaded for free

A holiday novella that takes place in the Hoops world between a sports reporter and a hall of fame basketball player.

Kindle Unlimited Romance Novels I Need to Read {Vol. 1}

I thought it would be fun to occasionally post about the Kindle Unlimited books I have hanging out on my TBR for two reasons:

  1. In case you have read any of these and would like to recommend them (or not!)
  2. In case you are looking for Kindle Unlimited recommendations and these sounds good to you.

If you’re interested, I also made a video over on my Booktube channel talking about this TBR. You can check it out here:



A Lie for a Lie (All In #1) by Helena Hunting
From what I understand this series is supposed to be pretty different from her Pucked series (which I love), even though it is another contemporary hockey romance series that has some of the same characters. I think you get a sneak peek at some of the characters from Pucked. I believe Rookie (from Pucked) is also in this book – it may even be his book?
Goodreads | Amazon


Dirty Letters by Vi Keeland, Penelope Ward
This is an author duo that I’m still trying to fall in love with. Most of their books have been misses for me, but that’s the great thing about KU – you can try out books worry-free. I’ve heard mixed reviews about this one, but the premise sounds cute: a penpal, second-chance romance.
Goodreads | Amazon


Enemies by Tijan
I’ve only read one book by Tijan and I ended up giving it 4 stars. It was a little too extra for my taste, but I’m still absolutely willing to give them another chance. The title and cover lead me to believe this is an enemies-to-lovers sports romance, which I am here for. Given the previous novel I’ve read by them, I do worry that it’ll lean more toward the bullying end of the enemies spectrum, which is something I’m not a huge fan of, but we’ll see. I did really like the romance in the previous novel I read.
Goodreads | Amazon


Irresistible (Cloverleigh Farms Book 1) by Melanie Harlow
This is a series that a friend of mine really enjoys and has raved about many times. It’s a small town romance by an author I don’t believe I’ve read before. Also, I’m totally loving the covers of this series.
Goodreads | Amazon


Lumberjack (A Real Man #1) by Jenika Snow
This series can either be ridiculous or it can be amazing. I believe this is a romance between a city girl who is trying to get away for a while and a recluse lumberjack. I’m all about the recluse hero, what can I say? This will be another first book from an author I’ve never read.
Goodreads | Amazon


The Kingmaker (All the King’s Men # 1) by Kennedy Ryan
Anyone else completely drawn to these covers? I’ve been hearing people absolutely rave about this Duet, and it’s honestly not surprising. Kennedy Ryan is a well-loved author and I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read of hers previously. I believe this is about a Native American woman (she might be half) who is protesting against a company for which the hero works.
Goodreads | Amazon


Ice Planet Barbarians series by Ruby Dixon
I read the first six of these books on Audible because they are available on Audible Escape. The rest of them, including the novellas, are available on KU! So, that’s where I plan to read the rest. They’re short, so they’ll be quick little palette cleansers. This serious looks and sounds ridiculous – and it is – but the romances are also on point. They’re sci-fi alien romances with the fated mate trope.
Goodreads | Amazon


Friends With The Monsters by Albany Walker
It was the cover that drew me to this book. Every so often, I browse the romance section of KU, and I came across this one. This is a reverse harem novel.
Goodreads | Amazon


Someday, Someday by Emma Scott
I’ve heard a lot of people talk about this book, and enjoy it. I really like Emma Scott, she tends to write pretty emotional, hard-hitting books and this one is no different. It’s an m/m romance about two people who are overcoming drug addiction.
Goodreads | Amazon


Menace (Scarlet Scars #1) by J.M. Darhower
I’m actually currently reading this one, but having a little trouble getting into it, which is surprise since I usually really like bad boy, scarred hero romances. So far the hero isn’t quite as mysterious and brooding as I hoped/expected him to be. This is a new-to-me author. This is also available on Audible Escape.
Goodreads | Amazon

50 Short Kindle Unlimited Romance Novels/Novellas Under 300 Pages {Kindle Unlimited Readathon Recs}

I’m so excited to be participating in the Kindle Unlimited Readathon. I was invited to participate by my sweet friend Shelby over at Shelby Taggart Reads on Booktube.

The Readathon takes place over a weekend 12/27-12/29 and the goal is to read as many Kindle Unlimited books as you can during that period.

Reading more Kindle Unlimited books is something I’d like to start doing more of… I need to get the most out of my membership after all – so this readathon is perfect.

I’ve also discovered so many great books that are available on this service thanks to all the recommendation videos associated with this readathon.

Unfortunately, I have an incredibly busy weekend during this readathon, so I started going through all the books I want to read that are available on Kindle Unlimited and pulled all the books that are under 300 pages.

I also did some research and found a bunch of super short novellas.

I compiled the list and thought I’d share it with you in case you are participating in the readathon – or if you just have KU and want to check these out!

You can find the complete list on Amazon here.

I’ve listed these in order from shortest page count to highest page count. I’ve also linked the covers to Goodreads so that you can check out the ratings and read the synopsis for each one.

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