The Black Fox (The Dirty Heroes Collection #1) by  Brianna Hale 


Overall Rating: 3 Stars

Title: The Black Fox

Author: Brianna Hale

Series: The Dirty Heroes Collection #1

Format: eBook borrowed from Kindle Unlimited


♡ Forbidden romance
♡ Age gap
♡ Zorro retelling
♡ Taboo


A Zorro retelling plus Temecka’s favorite Brianna Hale book? I knew I had to read it.

Warning: this book is not for the faint of heart. It’s very taboo and deals with a relationship between a step-father and his step-daughter (who he just met.)

Somehow, I get why a bunch of people told me they hated this book, but I also get why Temecka loved it. Brianna Hale has pulled off some messed up, taboo stuff in her books and I didn’t hate it… and I didn’t hate this one either, but I also wasn’t blown away. I actually liked and appreciate the twist in this book, but it was also kind of the reason why I couldn’t fully get on board with the relationship.

I definitely plan on reading more by this author!

Trigger Warnings

Because of potential spoilers, trigger warnings are listed in white. Please highlight to see the list of trigger warnings.
nonconsent, dubious consent, toxic relationship, abuse of power

Butterfly Rating: 3 Stars


Re-read Worthiness: Nah

Bookshelf Placement: Nah

Book Boyfriend Rating: 2 stars