Meet My Book Boyfriend: Braden Mack from Undercover Bromance by Lyssa Kay Adams

I recently read Undercover Bromance, the second book in the Bromance Book Club series by Lyssa Kay Adams, and I immediately fell in love. With the story, with the heroine, and, of course, with our hero, Mack.


To be completely honest, I barely remember Mack from the first book in the series. In fact, it’s to the point where I’m ready to re-read the first book (after already reading Mack’s book twice) just so I can get a peek at Mack again.

Mack has so many of the qualities I love in a book boyfriend. He’s charming, charismatic, funny, successful, and an all-around good guy. But beyond that, he’s a feminist and he loves romance novels. So much that he started The Bromance Book Club – a book club that consists of some high-powered men (professional athletes, successful businessmen) who read romance novels to learn how to treat women.

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Though Mack has a touch of irreverence about him, he isn’t without heartache. He has a troubling past and found himself escaping into romance novels as he grew up. This shaped who he is to this day.

And though he has helped countless friends with their relationships, he struggles a bit with his romantic life. He knows all the do’s and don’ts of relationships… at least he think he does… but what he doesn’t know is when it’s real.

That is… until he finally does fall. And when someone like Mack falls in love, it’s bound to be epic.

There was so much to love about this book, its characters, and especially Mack.

Meet My Book Boyfriend: Rhen from A Curse So Dark and Lonely

If you’ve been here for a while, you know that I’m obsessed with A Curse So Dark and Lonely. This was my second favorite book that I read in 2019 and that was mostly because of the amazing cast of characters in this novel.

This book was everything I wanted in a Beauty and the Beast retelling and it is mostly due to Rhen.

Rhen was the beast in a retelling that I’d been waiting for.

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I wanted the beast to show the after effects of putting himself in a situation that lead to the curse. I wanted the torturous guilt.

Rhen is the ultimate tortured soul hiding behind a certain irreverence. I loved that throughout the book you see peeks of who he was before the curse: The arrogance, the cleverness, the calculating prince.

As the story goes on, you truly see how hundreds of years of torture from the curse that was placed on him has taken a toll. At the time of the story, Rhen has basically given up all hope of breaking the curse. He’s broken, but attempting to hide it. He’s absolutely broken and it killed me.

You can read my review of his book here.

Meet My Book Boyfriend: Caden Grayson from Hearts in Darkness by Laura Kaye


My heart aches just thinking of Caden.

If you haven’t read the Hearts in Darkness duet, stop what you are doing and go read it. The duet is a couple of novellas and such few pages have never packed more of a punch than in these books. At least, not in my opinion. And certainly not in novellas.

I am not typically a romance novella person. I need a TON of chemistry to truly love characters… but Caden and Makenna? So. Much. Chemistry.

McKenna and Caden get trapped in an elevator together. They never truly lay eyes on one another before the elevator goes pitch black and gets stuck for hours.

I related SO much with Caden. He has severe anxiety that is triggered by small, dark places. So, needless to say, when he begins to completely freak out, I was so there with him.

However, McKenna is able to talk him down from the ledge, despite being a stranger, and so their romance begins.


Oh, my sweet Caden. I adore him SO much.

Caden is this big, tattooed and scarred guy who is easily misjudged because of his appearance.

I have a SUPER soft spot for intimidating guys with big, soft hearts.

Caden is also an EMT who is passionate about what he does because an EMT once saved his life.

I also have a soft spot for guys who are PASSIONATE about something.

The fact that he suffers from crippling anxiety, just made him even more relatable to me. My heart absolutely broke for him and I was rooting for him so hard.

Meet My Book Boyfriend: Tyler Caldwell

Welcome to a new series where I’ll be introducing you to one of my (many) book boyfriends.

Introducing… Tyler Caldwell from Misadventures of a College Girl by Lauren Rowe

Tyler Caldwell is, hands down, my current favorite contemporary romance book boy friend. Why? Let me count the ways.


Why I Love Tyler

Within the first few seconds of meeting this character, his personality shines through. He’s the kind of charming that can be spotted from across the room … the type of person that attracts people to him like a beacon.

Tyler is that super talented popular guy we’ve all known, who also just happens to be really nice to everyone. He’s not overly sweet, though. Honestly, everything about him is just right.

For example, he’s confident, but not cocky. He’s funny, but not over-the-top. He’s talented, but not without hard work and his fair share of setbacks. He’s committed without being overbearing. He’s honest and up front, but not cruel.

But, perhaps the best thing about Tyler is not only his own passion and purpose, but how he fuels those two things in others. Those are two very attractive traits that I don’t see very much in romance novels.

I think it’s all of those subtle balances that make Tyler perfect, but believable. Lauren Rowe has a gift for creating incredibly real characters and chemistry, without having to throw in a traumatic past.


Tyler Vibes





Meet My Book Boyfriend: Alex Waters

Welcome to a new series where I’ll be introducing you to one of my (many) book boyfriends.


Introducing… Alex Waters from Pucked by Helena Hunting


Alex Waters is the quirky, yet confident, sweet, somewhat awkward hockey player featured in the first book of the Pucked series by Helena Hunting.


Why I Love Alex

Alex was so unlike the stereotypical manwhore Alpha Male you’d typically see in a sports romance. He’s talented and comfortable in his own skin, but he’s also extremely down to earth and just awkward enough to be adorable… especially when he falls in love.

And like any great book boyfriend, he loves fiercely.

But, the thing I think I love the most about Alex is his odd relationship with Violet and how he totally gets her despite her eccentricities.

Alex is aggressive and demanding on the ice, but in person he’s sweet and funny. He’s the perfect balance of different things while still being completely believable.


My favorite Alex Quotes

I sleep best when my head is resting on your delicate pillows of love.

I want to get to know you better. Because I want you to see for yourself I’m not the kind of guy you think I am.

I can’t wait to have my mouth on you again. I’m gonna eat you like I’m on death row and you’re my last goddamned meal.

I’m going to pretend you didn’t say any of that shit about Canada being an extension of the US, Violet. I know you don’t mean that.

Meet My Book Boyfriend: Colton Reed

Welcome to a new series where I’ll be introducing you to one of my (many) book boyfriends.


Introducing… Colton Reed from With Visions of Red by Trisha Wolfe


Colton Reed is the intense, blue-eyed Shibari expert who works at The Lair, a high-class lifestyle club owned by his brother, Julian.

The most intriguing thing about Colton is his talent with rope known as Shibari.

Shibari is a unique bondage art form that I learned about from his book, With Visions of Red.

Shibari style rigging creates geometric patterns and shapes with rope that contrast beautifully with the human body’s natural curves. The ropes and their texture provide contrast to smooth skin and curves. In Shibari, the model is the canvas, the rope is the paint and brush, and the rigger is the rope artist.

Art of Contemporary Shibari

Photo Credit: Jose Pablo Porras Monge


Why I Love Colton

Colton had me from Chapter Two of the first book in the With Visions of Red series, when he is introduced.

His obsession with Sadie, aside from being much deserved because Sadie is such an awesome character herself, is swoon-worthy.

In real life, of course, if a man actually spoke to me the way that Colton speaks to Sadie, I’d probably be super creeped out no matter how gorgeous he is, however, in a well-written novel? I’m all for it.

Colton’s singular focus on Sadie is that much more appealing because of the level of constraint he imparts on himself when it comes to her. Sadie has a lot of inner turmoil, and because he has observed her from afar for so long (and because he can read her so well), he has an acute understanding of her need to be in control.

He fully understands what she needs.

Colton is big on consent. He doesn’t even touch Sadie until she specifically asks when they first meet.

This could easily make him seem like a puppy dog, particularly since he refers to Sadie as his “goddess,” however, Colton is very much a dominant. He is the one with the rope, after all. But, like he says, it’s a power exchange.

Colton worships Sadie with a whip in his hand.

He is the perfect amount of darkness, lust, obsession, talent, and masculenity.

It also helps that, in the audiobook, his voice is narrated by Christian Fox.



My favorite Colton Quotes

I’m so tempted to give chase and beg her to welcome me into her darkness.

I’ve marveled at her, studied her, imagining how I would bind and shape her. What patterns I’d create, how I could fashion this lovely, wounded creature into a masterpiece.

There’s nothing wrong with you, goddess. Just the absolute tragedy that I didn’t make you mine first.

I help free you, and you allow me to worship you.

I want to touch you…everywhere. Taste you all over. Devour you and consume you. And trust that this is merely a weak form of expression compared to what I’m feeling.

When you finally understand everything, you’ll know just how much power you truly have over me.

That’s all I wanted, goddess. Just to show you how beautiful you are; how I see you. If I’ve done that much, then whatever penance I have to suffer is worth it.

Here, with her, I’m the man who loves her. Who worships her. Who will save her right back.

I’ll storm heaven and hell if you don’t come back to me.