Review Requests

Kayla (my teen reader) and I are more than happy to consider ebooks, audiobooks, and printed books for review consideration.

Please contact me via email at or via the form below if you’d like me to review your book!

Please note that it may be a few days before I respond. Please keep this in mind if you require the review to be published on a specific date.

Things you should know before sending a request

In Love & Words is pretty much all romance all the time. Please only send a request if your novel is a romance novel (of any subgenre) or has a somewhat prominent romance subplot.

For ebooks, I’d prefer Kindle Paperwhite compatible books (.mobi)

My reviews are typically posted on:
In Love & Words: The Book Boyfriend Blog
Audible (if applicable)

My reviews will always, always be 100% honest. This means that they may not always be rave reviews. I will never be intentionally cruel by any means, but I will discuss (nicely!) what did and/or did not work for me.

I can’t promise that I will finish the book if it does not grab my attention. I try to at least read 20% of a book before setting it aside. I will notify you if I do not finish. I do not post reviews on my blog for books I do not finish, but I will make a note (without a rating) on Goodreads and explain why I did not finish.

The length of time it takes to read and potentially post a review will depend on my current schedule. I will let you know the timeline if/when I agree to a review!

I’m open to special requests. If you’d like me to tag anyone, use a specific hashtag on social media, or post my review on a specific website, just let me know!

I do not sell any ARCs or books I’ve received in exchange for review consideration. The book will either be kept in my personal library, deleted (ebooks), or donated to my local library unless otherwise requested.

Have a Clean Teen Read that you want Kayla to review? Kayla is my 13-year-old, YA-romance-loving niece who posts her book reviews on this blog. If you have a novel you’d like her to review specifically, please let me know! (Kayla prefers YA romance books (of any subgenre) that are recommended for teen readers ages 12 – 16.)

Feel free to contact me with any questions!

Send me an email or fill out the form below for all Book Review Requests

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