Awaken Me Darkly (Alien Huntress #1) by Gena Showalter

Overall Rating: # Stars
Title: 4
Author: Gena Showalter
Series: Alien Huntress #1
Format: Audiobook purchased from Audible

Snow is in the forecast.

In a time and place not too far away, Mia Snow is an alien huntress for the New Chicago Police Department. Heading up her expert team of Alien Investigation and Removal agents, Mia’s unmatched at battling the elusive enemy among us, and she’s the perfect girl for the job. She’s seen her brother die at the hands of aliens. She’s earned each of her scars. And she’ll die before she cries. Now, a series of killings have Mia and her partner Dallas tracking alien suspects—but a sudden blast of violence leaves Dallas fighting for his life.

They are ice and fire.

The chance to save Dallas appears in the form of a tall, erotic stranger. An alien. A murder suspect. Kyrin en Arr, of the deadly Arcadian species, holds the power to heal the injured agent but not without a price. For Mia Snow, that price is surrendering to Kyrin’s forbidden seduction…and embracing their electric attraction. She’s walking a knife’s edge, risking her badge and even her life. The closer she gets to Kyrin, the more Mia learns about her own heart, her human needs—and the shocking secret that will shatter everything she’s ever believed.



This book had a huge potential to be epic and though it didn’t end up quite hitting the mark for me (in the epic scale, anyway), it was a really enjoyable read.

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Early tomorrow morning my dad is getting a Catheter Ablation to treat his atrial fibrillation (basically he has an irregular heartbeat that can lead to some scary stuff).

Needless to say I’ve been a bit of a mess the past few weeks. The girls were sick for several days and it’s been insane at work.

I feel like a supernova of anxiety.

Anyway, I wrote a poem because that’s what I do when I feel like this and I figured I share it with you tonight.


My dad sees the gold in Red
In the most black and white way
I don’t use “Love” in poetry
But there is no stronger word or person than it or him
And it took adulthood to see that I am who I am because of both

I don’t believe in time travel
But if I did, I’d revise a few things

There are romance novels and family photos in his tennis room and if asked to describe him in three things that would be it
It took adulthood to realize the steadiness of your heartbeat has nothing to do with the strength of your heart

He loves my mom like oxygen
And with a deep breath he taught me to settle for nothing less
He never could understand my anxiety but seconds before I walked down the aisle he pretended to forget he had to lead the way and I was so mad I forgot to panic
The first time I cried that day was in his arms

My dad says he hates seeing his girls in pain
But with his hand on my face he saw me through the worst of mine
It took motherhood to love the way he showed me

My dad loves in a whisper
That feels like a roar
And it took adulthood to listen between the lines


{New Video} February TBR

You know what I love the most about BookTube (aside from the awesome community)?The fact that I have an excuse to do my makeup and hair… but not actually have to go anywhere.

It’s the makeup-addict introvert dream. LOL!

Also, I get to experiment with colors that I probably wouldn’t dare try if I were actually going out in public. This time it was the gorgeous blue shade in the Jaclyn Hill Morphe palette that I’d never tried before.

Anyway, I know I already posted my February Reading List here on the blog, but this video features a bit more detail and a few more books. Check it out here:



{New Video} January Reading Vlog

Hang out with me through the second half of January as I rearrange my bookshelves (and add two more!), torture my husband because he had to unscrew them from the wall and build the new ones, haul way too many books from the library book sale and library book store, unbox some BookTube supplies and bookshelf knick knacks, go shopping, and, of course, read a bunch of (mostly) great books.

Check out the video here:


Happy reading my friends!

January Reading List Wrap Up + Video!

Yay for more BookTube videos!

I love BookTube Wrap Up videos, so I thought I’d give one a shot along with my regular wrap up blog post. You can check out the video here:

As I mentioned in previous posts, January was a fantastic reading month for me. I read a ton of 5 star books and added several books to my All Time Favorites list!

Below I’ve listed all the books I’ve read this month along with their star ratings. Stay tuned for full reviews (or watch the video for my thoughts!)

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Enshadowed by Kelly Creagh {Review by Kayla}

Review by Kayla, In Love & Words Teen Reader

Overall Rating: 5 Stars
Title: Enshadowed
Author: Kelly Creagh
Series: Nevermore (Trilogy, Book #2)

True love takes a twisted turn in the second book of this modern gothic romance trilogy channeling the dark brilliance of Edgar Allan Poe.

Varen Nethers is trapped in a perilous dreamworld—a treacherous and desolate realm where the terrifying stories of Edgar Allan Poe come to life. Isobel Lanley, plagued by strange visions and haunted by the nightmares of Varen’s creation, is the only one who can save him.
Isobel knows that her only hope lies within a Baltimore cemetery. There, in the early morning of Edgar Allan Poe’s birthday, a mysterious stranger known as the “Poe Toaster” will make his annual homage at the legendary poet’s grave.
Only the Poe Toaster holds the key to the way between worlds. But great dangers lie ahead for Isobel. An ancient evil, draped in veils of white, is watching, challenging her for Varen’s affections. When Isobel finally finds Varen, he is no longer the quiet and brooding boy who once captivated her, but a dark force, powerful and malevolent.
Could Isobel’s greatest love also be her greatest adversary?




LOVE! I am flying through this series and love it so much!

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Reading List: February 2019 {Includes ContemporaryAThon and Dragons & Tea Book Club Reads}

How has everyone’s first month of 2019 been so far?

Mine has been absolutely fantastic and I’m excited for all the things still to come, particularly with my blog and BookTube channel.

2019 has definitely been a year of bookish fun so far for me, and I’d be 100% ok with it if that stuck around all year long.

Anyway, it’s nearly the beginning of February and that means it’s time for a new reading list…

I’m super excited about this month because it’s my first month participating in Melanie’s (Meltotheany) book club: Dragons & Tea Book Club. I’ll also be participating in Contemporaryathon hosted by Chelsea at Chelseadolling Reads, Julie at Pagesandpens, and Melanie at Meltotheany.

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Recently Added to My TBR: January 2019

Like I mentioned in my Decluttering post, I’ve been adding so many books to my TBR lately, it’s almost embarrassing… but I have no regrets. Most of the books I’ve added to my TBR are because of all the BookTube videos I’ve been watching.

I also indulged in some book shopping this month and last since BookOutlet had a sale and so did the library. I always end up adding more books that way because I discover so many as I’m browsing.

Here are all the books I’ve added to my TBR this month

(In order from date added. Titles link to Goodreads.)

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Piece of Work
This is all because of Kayla over at Books and Blends.
The Dreamers
This is a book I picked up at the Library Book Sale over the weekend.
Bright Before Sunrise
This is another Library Book Sale book that is currently on my shelf.
The Sweet Far Thing
This was another Library Book Sale find!
Written in the Stars
I saw this book on Book Outlet and almost bought it, but I’m glad I didn’t because I actually found it at the Library Book Sale.
Fatal Tide
My mom found this for me at the Book Sale.
The Christmas Sisters
This was gifted to me from my mom who insisted it’s a great book. I have two sisters and she thought I would appreciate it.
Burning Moon (Destination Love, #1)
Another book gifted to me from my mom. Normally it’s not something I’d pick for myself, but it’s also highly rated on Goodreads.
Of Metal and Wishes (Of Metal and Wishes, #1)
My mom found this for me at the Library Book Sale.
I came across this at the Book Sale this weekend. The cover caught my eye.
The Last Namsara (Iskari, #1)
The Demon King (Seven Realms, #1)
I added this because of Kayla’s review!
Love, an Index
This was a Book Outlet find that I thought looked good.
Tasting Never (Tasting Never, #1)
Six of Hearts (Hearts, #1)
Left Drowning (Left Drowning, #1)
A Million Junes
Suitors and Sabotage
Book Outlet find. How great is this title?
My Heart and Other Black Holes
A Study in Charlotte (Charlotte Holmes, #1)
I added this because of Meltotheany’s review.
A Conspiracy of Stars (Faloiv, #1)
Flame in the Mist (Flame in the Mist, #1)
Defy the Stars (Constellation, #1)
Kiss of the Royal
Senlin Ascends (The Books of Babel, #1)
Renegades (Renegades, #1)
The Afterlife of Holly Chase
The Way I Used to Be
Heretics Anonymous
The Woman in the Window
Killer Fashion: Poisonous Petticoats, Strangulating Scarves, and Other Deadly Garments Throughout History
Get Well Soon: History's Worst Plagues and the Heroes Who Fought Them
Death Prefers Blondes
We Set the Dark on Fire (We Set the Dark on Fire #1)
In Other Lands
It Ended Badly: Thirteen of the Worst Breakups in History
Nora & Kettle (Paper Stars, #1)
I can’t remember which BookTuber talked about this one, but I do know that’s where I heard of this book!
The Gilded Wolves (The Gilded Wolves, #1)
I got this in my OwlCrate box!
The Winner's Kiss (The Winner's Trilogy, #3)
I found this at my local library bookstore.
The Winner's Crime (The Winner's Trilogy, #2)
I found this at my local library bookstore.
The Carrie Diaries (The Carrie Diaries, #1)
I found this at my local library bookstore.
Lovers & Players
I found this at my local library bookstore.
Slayer (Slayer, #1)
I’ve been seeing this around everywhere and I couldn’t be more excited. I’m a HUGE Buffy fan and I read the entire book series back when I was in high school.
The Girl at Midnight
Why We Broke Up
The School for Good and Evil (The School for Good and Evil, #1)
Deal with the Devil (Forge Trilogy, #1)
In Paris With You
Even the Darkest Stars (Even the Darkest Stars #1)
Wild Beauty
The Becoming of Noah Shaw (The Shaw Confessions, #1)
Cruel Crown (Red Queen, #0.1-0.2)
Glass Sword
The Hazel Wood (The Hazel Wood, #1)
ROAR: How to Match Your Food and Fitness to Your Unique Female Physiology for Optimum Performance, Great Health, and a Strong, Lean Body for Life
All the Ever Afters: The Untold Story of Cinderella’s Stepmother
There Will Be Other Summers (Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe, #2)
I added this not too long after reading (and loving) Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe.
Sea Witch (Sea Witch, #1)
Hothouse Flower (Calloway Sisters, #2; Addicted, #2.2)
Fuel the Fire (Calloway Sisters, #3; Addicted, #3.1)
A Quiet Kind of Thunder
The Poet X
Truly Devious (Truly Devious, #1)
I’ve been seeing this one everywhere and while this isn’t a genre I usually reach for, I definitely want to give it a try!
Reign of Shadows (Reign of Shadows, #1)
Drink, Slay, Love
Starry Night
Jan 06, 2019
Vassa in the Night
Furthermore (Furthermore, #1)
A Girl Like Her (Ravenswood, #1)
Dear Evan Hansen
I love the musical and can’t wait to read the book.
The Gilded King (Sovereign, #1)
Stalking Jack the Ripper (Stalking Jack the Ripper, #1)
This is another one I’ve seen everywhere and it looks so good!
I love Colleen Hoover!
A Heart in a Body in the World
Deb Calletti is one of my favorite YA authors and I’ve been seeing this one everywhere.
The King of Bourbon Street (NOLA Nights, #1)
Again, but Better
I really love watching Christine’s reviews on BookTube! Can’t wait to see what her book is like!
The Perfect Couple
The Wicker King
Meltotheany’s review is hard to ignore!
The Bear and the Nightingale (Winternight Trilogy, #1)
Meltotheany loves this series!
Punk 57
I loved Birthday Girl and Adrianna really liked this one.
The Heart Forger (The Bone Witch, #2)
Lost to You (Regret, #0.5)
Have you read any of these books? What have you added to you TBR this month?