Bookish Things I Love: April 2018

Happy Taco Tuesday, lovelies!

My husband is being wonderful and taking over bath time tonight, so I’m over here updating the blog with one of my favorite yet expensive posts (cuz half the time I end up buying the things I list).

Book update: I’m currently reading my very first CD Reiss book and I’m dying over how much I’m loving it.

Alright, onto the bookish goodness!

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Things I Love: February 2018

Hey, friends! Things are a little crazy around here and although I’m dying to dig into the Reader’s Copy of A Bargain in Silver I’m reading right now (it’s at a REALLY good part and taking all my willpower not to ditch life and read it), I thought I’d stop by the blog to tell you about some things I’ve obsessing over this month.

Here’s my super random round-up of things I’ve been living for this month:

None of these are affiliate links because I’m too lazy to create them. LOL.

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