The Stopover (The Miles High Club #1) by  T.L. Swan 


Overall Rating: 5 Stars

Title: The Stopover

Author: T.L. Swan 

Series: The Miles High Club #1

Format: Audiobook borrowed from Scribd


♡ Workplace romance⁣
♡ One Night Stand ⁣
♡ Sassy heroine⁣
♡ Great banter⁣


I’m actually glad I didn’t read the synopsis for this book before picking it up because a surefire way to get me to skip a book is to read the word “billionaire” in the description. I’m so over billionaire romances, however, I really, really liked this one.

It’s my first by TL Swan, but I’m thinking this author can likely pull off billionaire romances for me simply because her heroines aren’t these naive, meek women who bend to the hero’s every whim. Where there could’ve easily been an uncomfortable power imbalance, the fact that her heroines can give as much as they take made me love this book.

Yes, there was a lot of drama and back and forth, but the banter was so on point, I was absolutely living for it every second of the way.

I don’t think I even mentioned what this is about, and the premise is actually really great. The heroine, while on her way to a dream job interview, gets upgraded to first-class and ends up sitting next to a guy she otherwise never would have batted an eye at, yet ends up spending one super-steamy night with him and not seeing him again… for a year. When that year is up, it turns out he owns the company in which she is newly employed.

I found that there were a lot of things I’m usually annoyed with that happened in this book, yet I didn’t mind. The hero is pushy, but the heroine pushes back and I think that was kind of the same throughout.

Audiobook Performance: 4 stars


Butterfly Rating: 4 Stars


Re-read Worthiness: Yes

Bookshelf Placement: Yes

Book Boyfriend Rating: 4 stars





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