Clap When You Land by Elizabeth Acevedo


Overall Rating: 5 Stars

Title: Clap When You Land

Author: Elizabeth Acevedo

Format: Audiobook


♡ YA Contemporary
♡ Written in verse
♡ Beautiful, highlight-able writing
♡ Amazing audiobook narration
♡ Emotional
♡ Strong family elements


Ughhhhhh the WRITING in this book. So. Good.

I’m such a huge fan of contemporary poetry, so this book was everything I wanted.

It’s the story of these two sisters, one living in New York, the other living in the Dominican Republic, who only find out about each other when their father is killed in a plane crash.

There isn’t really a romance in this book at all, but there is a super sweet sapphic romance with one of the sisters.

Much like her other books, I need to read this both as an audiobook and physically. Elizabeth Acevedo narrates her own audiobooks and does such a great job. She’s duet narrating in this one with another narrator who also was really good. I need to read the physical book because there were so many beautiful lines that I need to highlight!

Also, at the end of the book, she includes an authors note talking about the actual plane crash that she based this novel on and how so many of the victims had such interesting stories, including those who were leading double lives with secret families.


Characters: Dominican, LGBTQIA+
Author: Dominican

Trigger Warnings

Because of potential spoilers, trigger warnings are listed in white. Please highlight to see the list of trigger warnings.
Death of a loved one, attempted sexual assault, plane crash

Audiobook Performance: 5 stars


Butterfly Rating: 1 Star


Re-read Worthiness: Yes

For highlighting purposes.

Bookshelf Placement: Yes!




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