Free & KU Books I Downloaded in December

I am notorious for overloading my Kindle with free eBooks, so I decided to exploit that particular habit and share with you the books that piqued my interest in the month of December.

You can check out the corresponding video here:


The Pool Boy by Nikki Sloane

Available on KU

This is an age-gap romance in which the heroine is older than the hero.


The Stopover (The Miles High Club #1) by TL Swan

Available on KU

I loved this one! The heroine gets upgraded to first class where she meets the hero. They have a one night stand and a year later she finds out he’s the owner of the new company she works at!


The Takeover (The Miles High Club #2) by TL Swan

Available on KU

I also loved this book! The heroine is a widow and single mom of three trouble-making boys. She works at the company that the hero is attempting to take over. It’s an enemies-to-lovers romcom.


That Second Chance (Getting Lucky Book #1) by Meghan Quinn

Available on KU

An adorable small town romance between a widow and a new-to-town teacher.


Forbidden Planet (Rise of the Gladiator #1) by Cheree Alsop

Downloaded for free

This is a space opera bodyguard gladiator romance!


The Sinners on Tour Boxed Set by Olivia Cunning

Downloaded on sale

A steamy rockstar romance series!


Mounted by a Monster: Under Her Bed by Mina Shay

Downloaded for free

I mean, the title says it all. There is a monster under the heroines bed and the only way to “soothe” it is to… well, you know.


The Prince and the Troll (Faraway collection) by Rainbow Rowell

Downloaded for free

A man befriends the “thing” that is living under a bridge!


The Nine-Inch Difference by Cleo Peitsche

Downloaded for free

A menage between a woman who is looking to purchase an AI for “pleasure” and the owner of the company that she mistakes for an AI for sale!


Filthy Marcellos: Lucian by Bethany-Kris

Downloaded for free

A motorcycle club romance that is potentially a star-crossed lovers situation.


Hating the Boss by Kristen Granata

Downloaded for free

An enemies to lovers romcom / one night stand gone wrong.


Seduction Games: (Game for Cookies Book 1) by Allyson Lindt

Downloaded for free

A menage where a gamer girls gets invited into her gamer friends relationship when she’s down on her luck.


The Necklace: The Dusky Club, June 1962 by Linda S. Rice

Downloaded for free

A time-travel rockstar romance!


Snow Queen (Haunted Ballet Book 1) by Ava Quintana

Downloaded for free

A romantic suspense where ballerinas from The Nutcracker are going missing.


Vampire King (Adult Fairy Tale, Cinderella #1) by Joanna Mazurkiewicz

Downloaded for free

A Cinderella retelling, but make it vampires.


Lies We Share: A Prologue by Ella Miles

Downloaded for free

A mysterious dark romance.


Little Dove by KC Decker

Another mysterious dark romance – the heroine has a dark secret and she’s lusting after her bad boy neighbor.


Hearts Reclaimed (Ardor Creek Book 1) by Ayla Asher

Downloaded for free

An enemies-to-lovers home renovation romance. The hero is a widower and the heroine’s fiance has cheated on her.


HOOPS Holiday: A Holiday Collection by Kennedy Ryan

Downloaded for free

A holiday novella that takes place in the Hoops world between a sports reporter and a hall of fame basketball player.

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