Reading My Dad’s Favorite Romances of 2020

Once upon a time, I came home from work when my youngest was still a baby, and I saw my dad sitting in my reading chair, my daughter asleep on his chest, reading one of the romance novels he found on my bookshelf.

I was shook.

In the many years I’ve been on this planet and despite most of the people in his family being avid readers, I’d never seen him read anything more than a car magazine.

But here he was, halfway through one of my contemporary romance novels, so entralled that he didn’t even notice I had come home.

And that is when it all began.

Since then my dad has binged every single Mariana Zapata books he could get his hands on, he bought grocery store cowboy romances, and eventually I gave him my old Kindle and he’s discovered so many authors via Kindle Unlimited.

His most recent favorite author is Meghan Quinn.

Periodically, I get adorable text messages from him when he’s finished a book that he particularly loved, telling me that I need to read it.

I’ve been keeping a list of these recs and last month I asked him to narrow down his favorites. He did and I decided to film a reading vlog where I read them.

Here’s the vlog:

In case you don’t feel like watching (it’s a long one as most of my vlogs are, I get it), here are the books that I read:

That Second Chance (Getting lucky #1) by Meghan Quinn

This is an adorable small town romance and the beginning of a series that follows brothers who have a supposed curse on their love lives put on them. This story follows the oldest brother who lost his wife. He’s immersed himself in getting involved in town activities to keep busy and distracted. During a shift as a volunteer firefighter, he’s called to the scene of a single-car accident in which the new-in-town heroine has driven off the road into a tree to avoid a moose. Thus begins their romance.

My rating: 5 stars (this was my favorite read of the vlog!)

The Setup by Meghan Quinn

Another fun romcom, but this time it is a new adult college sports romance and it has one of my favorite things in a sports romance – a female athlete! The heroine plays soccer for the same college where the hero plays baseball, though they don’t run in the same circles. The two are reluctantly set up by their parents, but it turns out there may just be some chemistry after all!

My rating: 5 stars

See Me After Class by Meghan Quinn

This is an enemies-to-lovers workplace romcom between two teachers with totally different teaching styles. The hero is the head of the English department and much more buttoned up than the heroine – who is a recent hire and teaches out of the box. The two immediately clash because of these differing POVs and thus ensues a series of ridiculous, hilarious pranks implemented by the heroine and her new friends at the school.

My rating: 5 stars

My Big Fat Fake Wedding by Lauren Landish

This is another romcom, but this time with a marriage of convenience between a woman who wants her dying grandfather to walk her down the aisle and a man in the public eye who needs to save face. This is also a childhood freniemies-to-lovers romance!

My rating: 4 stars

All in all this was an extremely successful reading vlog! I really liked the books he recommended! I got a little burned out on Meghan Quinn after the third book, but I still really liked them all.

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