I’m Back!

Whew! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything here on the blog! I’ve been so focused on my BookTube channel that this kind of fell to the wayside, but my goal in 2021 is to bring it back!

I will be posting some of the same content on both platforms to make my life easier, but also, just in case some people prefer reading blogs to watching videos, you can choose your own adventure if you will. 

I’ll also be posting reviews which you can also find on my Instagram. And some blog-only content.

My latest video that I posted today is a little harder to translate into a blog because I gave a tour of my planners. If you’d like to check out the video, you can do so here:

If you can’t tell, I have a lot going on. I work full time (from home lately), I’m helping my two little ones with e-Learning as I’m trying to work from home, I have an Etsy shop, a BookTube channel, this blog, a Bookstagram, and a husband and family. If you can’t tell, I love being busy… and I love being organized.

That’s where my planners come in.

Right now I have a few planners and journals:

  1. My bullet journal
    – yearly goals
    – yearly overview
    – monthly overview
    – daily to-do lists in a weekly spread format
    – monthly memories in photos
    – monthly gratitude
    – monthly memories
    – monthly brain dumps
    – monthly stats
    – monthly favorites
    – monthly playlists
    – washi tape swatches or “swatchies”
    – theme design ideas
  2. My Digital Reading Journal
    – Authors backlists to read
    – Series to finish
    – Misc TBRs
    – Physical books to buy
  3. My Digital Tracker Journal
    For this I just made fun layouts to keep track of my stats for YouTube, Twitter, Etsy, Instagram, and my period
  4. My Digital Food/Mood/Symptom/Exercise Journal
    I may or may not keep this Digital. I’m kind of thinking I may want to use a physical notebook for this one, but tracking my food and symptoms is really important because I’m manging Multiple Sclerosis with diet and lifestyle changes, so I have to pay really close attention to what I’m eating.
  5. My Asana Calendar
    Asana has become my everything. I couldn’t live without it. I use it for work as a project management tool and I collaborate with my team on it, but for myself, I use it more as a calendar. This is where I plan all my videos and posts. I love how i can include all my notes in each task and move everything around. It’s all beautifully color-coded and it’s just perfect!
  6. My Google Calendar
    I forgot to talk about this in my video, but Google Calendar is where I have all my personal events. My husband and I share our Google Calendars with each other so we always are on the same page.
  7. Google Keep
    Google Keep is basically like a digital post it note organization tool. You can make a bunch of simple notes, tag them, and color code them. This is where I have templates for videos and posts that I refer to often. it’s also where I keep all of my video and post ideas and notes.

How do you keep yourself organized?

7 thoughts on “I’m Back!

  1. Last year I bought the Always Fully Booked Planner from Little Inklings Designs and I loved it so much I bought it again this year. I love it because it is premade. I used a dotted bullet journal for years and I liked it but I’m not artistic so when I came across the premade one I had to get it. I pretty much use that planner for everything whether it be book related or personal. I also have another little notebook where I keep any lists. I could still use a little more organizing though because sometimes things are still a little crazy lol.

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