Free eBooks, Kindle Unlimited, & Birthday eBook Haul – June 2020

*=Author of Color, BIPOC Authors
In this hate-to-love contemporary, a woman saves a man’s life at the risk of her own and she holds a grudge against him because of it.
Made For You
This is a sapphic friends-to-lovers romance between Aubrey, one of Atlant’s wealthiest Black women as the president and CEO of the Atlanta Redbirds, and London who dreams of starting her own clothing company.
Fading (The Fading Series Book 1)
This is a small town YA contemporary romance about a girl who recently lost her father and her only solace are these recurring dreams she has about this boy she never met until one day a new boy arrives in town – the boy she’s been dreaming about.
Protecting the Heiress (The Heiress Duet #1)
This is a contemporary romance between a man who is going under cover as a Manny and the baby’s mother.
Remembering a Witch
This is a fated-mates type of story between Fenella and Graham who are both reincarnations of a centuries-old match.
Rush (Palm South University, #1)
This is a New Adult College romance with a lot of angst, steam, and drama. I believe Jessica is doing a readalong for this entire series next month. I’ll put the information down below if that’s true.
Big Gray: A Romantic Comedy (In The Dark Series Book 1)
This is a new adult college sports romance. Grayson has acquired the label “player” and now he is desperate to clean up his act and find a girlfriend. He decides to start a secret group called Parties Anonymous which is a party that is held in a pitch dark room so him and his friends can meet people without them knowing who they are.
Darkest Hour (My Darker Side Series Book 1)
This is a forbidden bodyguard romance between the president of the US’s daughter and her bodyguard.
Broken Magic (The Sanctuary Chronicles, #1)
This is a paranormal forbidden enemies-to-lovers romance between a witch and werewolf. Valeria is a witch who has had a strict upbringing and suddenly loses control of her magic and kills a bunch of people. Asher is seeking revenge on Valeria and her family when he discovers a secret about her.
The Call (Building the Circle, #1)
This is a paranormal romantic comedy about a family who has psychic and empathic abilities. There is disability rep in this book, the main character is disabled. She’s a self-imployed strategist. The hero is described as a foul-mouthed Prince Charming. They meet when Matilda, the heroine, shows up late for a sales meeting with Jake, the hero, dripping wet and partially frozen.
The Two Week Arrangement (Penthouse Affair, #1)
This is an adult contemporary hate-to-lover workplace romance between an intern (the heroine) and the CeO of the company (the hero) who is a single dad of twin toddlers.
Playing to Win (Gridiron, #1)
This is a contemporary new adult college sports romance between Blake – who is projected to be a 1st round draft pick – and an all around good guy and Kately who is a chem geek.
Lost Girl (The Neverwood Chronicles, #1)
This is a Peter Pan reimagining.
Will You Be Mine? (Falling Like A Johnson #2)
This is an adult contemporary friends-to-lovers romance that sounds like there is all kinds of pining because the hero, JT, has been in love with his best friend forever, however she has no idea. There is also fake dating – she asks him to pretend to be her boyfriend for a friend’s wedding. I beleive JEss from PeaceLoveBooks rec’d this in her recent Fake Dating Rec video.
This is another contemporary friends-to-lovers romcom, but this time the heroine is the one who has been in love with her bearded best friend. Apparently the hero, Mike, has a girlfriend, but the description says there is no cheating.
Meet Cute Club (Sweet Rose #1)
This is an m/m contemporary romance between Jordan – who loves to read steamy supernatural romance novels and the new employee at his favorite bookstore, Rex, who makes fun of the books he reads. Little does Jordan know that Rex has a club called The Meet Cute Club that he invites Jordan to.
Stay Gold
Gifted from Misty at Mistysbookspace
This is a coming-of-age YA romance between a transgender boy and a cisgender girl.
Beast Master, Vol. 1 (Beast Master, #1)
This is a romance manga that takes place in high school. Leo is the outcast because he “looks like a crazy animal with wild eyes” who has a special connection to animals. This intrigues the heroine instead of scaring her away.
Boys Over Flowers: Hana Yori Dango, Vol. 1 (Boys Over Flowers, #1)
This is another romance manga that ta
I’m kes place in high school. In this one, the heroine is accepted to a prestigious Academy. It sounds like this is an enemies-to-lovers because her friend falls on the leader of this group of rich kids at her school and he refuses to forgive her. He then “tags” her to be bullied by the school, but she stands up to them.
Real Kind of Love (Books & Brews, #1)
This is a adult contemporary romance with fake dating between an audiobook narrator and an ownder of a brewpub.
Crime Lord's Captive (Crime Lord, #1)
This is a dark mafia romance about a woman who has run away from the ruthless man who rules the criminal underworld until he finds her again.
Ivan (Her Russian Protector, #1)
This is an adult contemporary romance between Erin and the man she is hoping can help her find her missing sister.
Queen Move
Gifted from Lacey at Laceybooklovers
This is a contemporary romance between a woman and a man who come from families who used to be very close until something tore them apart. They grew up together and he used to be awkward in adolesence, but is now the complete opposite
Toxic Desire (Planet of Desire #1)
Gifted from Averie at AverieLovesBooks
This is an alien romance between a golden skinned alien who destroyed the heroine’s ship. She should hate him, but everything on his skin is an aphrodisiac.
Wrecking Ball (Hard to Love, #1)
This is an adult contemporary sports romance between a woman who has lost everything and a jerky pro quarterback.
Sexy: Day and night I dream only of you. (Soulmates - Sexiness and Secrets Book 1)
This is a contemporary romance between neighbors. A sexy italian guy moves into the apartment down the hall from our heroine. He’s described as “quiet, reserved, and disciplined with a thunderous passion.”
Taken by Lies (Truth or Lies #1)
This is a dark romance about a woman who has been kidnapped by a man who she trusted and sold as if she were property.
Damaged Goods (Ravenswood, #1.5)
This is a small town contemporary second-chance romance between a woman who is in an awful marriage and her kind high school sweetheart.
Black Enough: Stories of Being Young & Black in America
This is an anthology of stories about being young in Black Americ with authors such as Ibi Zoboi, Dhonielle Clayton, Nic Stone, Renee Watson, and more.
The Problem with Pugs (Love & Pets, #1)
This is a romcom between a woman whose pug “attacks” the hero and she ends up having to pay his medical bills.
Interviewing For Her Lover (Six Nights Of Sin, #1)
This is a dark, taboo romance that takes place around a BDSM club.
Dark Romance Collection
This is a collection of Dark Romance short stories with authors such as CD Reiss, Skye Warren and Laurelin Paige.
Praying for Rain (The Rain Trilogy, #1)
This is a romance that happens right before an apocalypse takes place.

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