6 Irreverent Heroes I Love

If you are looking for heroes who will somehow make you smile and roll your eyes at the same time, this is the list for you.



Adrian – Vampire Academy Series by Richelle Mead

I feel like Adrian is the OG irreverent hero that I fell in love with – considering I read this over a decade ago, I’ve been comparing so many heroes that fall into this category to Adrian.

Beneath Adrian’s rakish, careless behavior, there is someone who is suffering mentally. And that vulnerability along with his devotion is what made me love him so much … and what broke my heart.




Theo – Leo Loves Ares (Signs of Love #1) by Anyta Sunday

Moving from the original irreverent hero that I love to one of the newer ones here.

It’s Theo’s self-deprecating sense of humor and his utter cluelessness that make him so adorable. Pair that with the swoon level in this book and you have the perfect combination.

Goodreads | Review


The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue By: Mackenzi Lee

Monty – Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue (Montague Siblings #1)  by Mackenzi Lee

Monty made this novel for me. Yes, it was entertaining, but to completely honest, a book like this isn’t something I normally gravitate toward. They hype drew me in, but Monty kept me there. (Along with all of the other great side characters.) 

Monty is unapologetically who he is. He’s surprisingly self-aware. Pair all of that with the crazy situations he finds himself in, and you have such a fun, entertaining read that will keep you smiling.

Review | Goodreads



Howl – Howl’s Moving Castle (Howl’s Moving Castle #1) by Diana Wynne Jones

I have a soft place in my heart for Howl and his over-dramatics.

This is a classic that so many authors have referred to that I had to read it. Much like the previous book, this isn’t one I would normally gravitate toward, but I was so entertained throughout this book and it was all because of Howl and his ridiculousness. 

Review | Goodreads



Keane – Ball Peen Hammer (Morgan Brothers #1) by Lauren Rowe

I actually hesitated, at first, to put Keane on this list. I wasn’t quite sure he fit the bill for the type of hero I’m listing in this rec post mostly because Keane is such an introvert – but not in the traditional sense.

He comes off far more irreverent and clueless than he actually is. And that’s what so interesting about his character. It also helps that he’s a male stripper, so there’s that.

Review | Goodreads



Drew – Tangled (Tangled #1) by Emma Chase

This list was only going to have 5 heroes on it, but as I was browsing my 5 star reads to curate this list, I came across this book and just smiled.

I hated Drew when I started the book. He’s a straight up, unlikable asshole – but he’s so funny and ridiculous that I coudn’t help but fall in love with him as he reluctantly gives his heart away. Even after it is broken he is still in denial. 

Review | Goodreads


8 thoughts on “6 Irreverent Heroes I Love

  1. Every time you list Theo in one of your posts I giggle. I’m so happy to see someone else squee over that book like I did.

    Also, Adrian was definitely the star of the Vampire Academy series. But, I especially loved him the spin off.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yesssss! I love him so much!

      I never finished Bloodlines! I felt like Sydney was kind of boring, but my niece has been reading the series and she’s insisting I finish. I’m debating it…


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