How I Met My Book(s): The Morgan Brothers Series by Lauren Rowe

Once Upon a Time I attended my very first Shameless Book Con. This was only the second bookish convention I’d ever attended, the first being Apollycon.

I attended this event with my sister (and fellow romance lover) and we were so excited and overwhelmed by the awesomeness. Aside from Apollycon, we’d never been surrounded by so many like-minded people in our lives. Everywhere we looked there were books that looked amazing.

I’d gotten quite a bit more involved in the online bookish community back in 2018 at this convention (at least, I think it was 2018, I can’t really remember.) and I’d fallen in love with indie authors. Suddenly, I was surrounded by so many amazing indie authors I had yet to discover.

And one of them was Lauren Rowe.

First of all, the covers for this series are amazing. They would’ve caught my eye, even if I hadn’t heard of Ball Peen Hammer in passing.


Having recognized the cover and her name as an author I wanted to buy books from, I practically ran over to her table. Unfortunately, though, by the time I got there, she was sold out of Ball Peen Hammer. Instead, she offered me to enter her giveaway for Ball Peen Hammer and Captain, so, of course, I did.

And HOLY CRAP! I actually won!

A few weeks later, when I was hit hard with the flu, my copies of Ball Peen Hammer and Captain came in the mail. I read them BOTH in one day.


And thus began my love of all things Lauren Rowe.

I ended up purchasing all of her books on audio as well as physical copies because when I love a book, I like to both read and listen to it.

Now, here we are, a couple of years later, and she has come out with a spin-off of The Morgan Brothers Series based on one of the most intriguing characters from that series that I’ve been BEGGING for FOREVER: The Reed Rivers Trilogy. The first two books are already released (and available on Kindle Unlimited!), and the third is releasing TOMORROW, March 19.


I admit, because of my lack of patience, I’ve been waiting for all three books to release so that I could binge them. And binge them I shall after Historical Romance Readathon ends this week!

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