Some of My Favorite Adult Romance Authors (& My Favorite Books By Them)

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In choosing my favorite romance authors, I decided to stick to those whose books I read MOST of and who write PRIMARILY romance.

Also, I included some honorable mentions because I’m extra. I’ve accepted this.

Mariana Zapata

I mean… obviously. These authors are not ranked, but let’s be real. Mariana Zapata is my favorite romance author. I’ve read every single book she’s ever written, I immediately purchase and read every book she comes out with the second they are released, I own almost all of her books in every single available format.

Also – she’s my dad’s favorite author of all time. Everyone in my family loves her books, except my brother, but he doesn’t count. My dad, my mom, my two sisters and I all adore her.

| The Wall of Winnipeg and Me
| Dear Aaron
| From Lukov with Love


Colleen Hoover

Colleen Hoover very rarely lets me down. Even when I don’t adore her books, I still really love them. She always has some element in her books that sets them apart from other romance novels.

Also, she writes some of the most lovable characters. (I’m looking at you, Atlas and Ridge.)

| It Ends with Us
| Maybe Someday
| November 9
| Ugly Love


Sierra Simone

Sierra writes some of the most steamy, taboo book, but damn, she’s an amazing writer. There is something to be said about an author who can take a super taboo topic and make it beautiful – Sierra does this amazingly.

| Priest
| New Camelot series
| A Lesson in Thorns


Lauren Rowe

Reading Lauren Rowe books is so comforting. I think because I know what I’m going to get: amazing banter, charming humor, and epic chemistry.

| Misadventures of a College Girl
| Ball Peen Hammer


Mia Sheridan

I’m slowly, but surely making my way through Mia Sheridan’s backlist, but I feel I’ve read enough of her books to determine that she’s a favorite. Though none of her other books have quite lived up to Archer’s Voice, they’ve all come pretty damn close.

| Archer’s Voice
| Savaged
| The Wish Collector


Christina Lauren

Christina Lauren writes such diverse books. Anything from YA to Women’s Fiction to Contemporary Romance – and they’ve done all genres justice.

Granted, I haven’t loved absolutely everything they’ve written, but quite a few of their books make it to many of my favorites lists.

| Sweet Filthy Boy
| The Unhoneymooners
| Autoboyography


Helena Hunting

Helena is an autobuy author for good reason. She wrote one of my favorite series (Pucked) and also many of her other books are favorites as well.

| Pucked series
| Hooking Up


Helen Hoang

Granted, she’s only written two books, but I’ve adored both SO much and I have a feeling I will love all the books she will write in the future.

| The Bride Test
| The Kiss Quotient


Jana Aston

Jana Aston has written a few of my favorite RomComs of all time and she is the queen of CRINGY moments!

| The Wrong Series
| Sure Thing


Honorable Mentions
| Katherine Center – she technically write Women’s Fiction and I haven’t read enough of her books to determine.

| Trisha Wolfe – I LOVE her dark romance novels, but she writes a lot of thrillers, too. Also, I need to read more of her books.

| Talia Hibbert – I’ve only read a couple of her books so far, but I’ve loved what I’ve read! Once I read more I’m sure she’ll make this list.

| Lauren Blakely – I love reading Lauren’s books, but none of them have been all-time favorites. I’ve always just liked them.

| Sally Thorne – She’s only written two books: one is an all time favorite, the other was just ok.

| Kandi Steiner – I’ve loved what I’ve read so far, but I have only read two of her books. I need to read more!

| Laura Kaye – I adore her Hearts in Darkness Duet, but that’s all I’ve read so far.

| Penny Reid – I really, really like her Neanderthal Seeks Human series, but it’s the only series I’ve read of hers.

| Sarina Bowen – She is slowly but surely becoming a favorite author, I just need to read more of her books

| Brittainy C. Cherry – There is no doubt in my mind that she will make this list very soon. I’ve loved all the books I’ve read of hers so far, but I’ve not read enough just yet!

8 thoughts on “Some of My Favorite Adult Romance Authors (& My Favorite Books By Them)

  1. I really need to read more Marianna Zapata books. I’ve only read Winnipeg and me. But I love Christina Lauren, and I loved The Hating Game. (I haven’t read the second book.) Another would be Alice Clayton.

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