Meet My Book Boyfriend: Rhen from A Curse So Dark and Lonely

If you’ve been here for a while, you know that I’m obsessed with A Curse So Dark and Lonely. This was my second favorite book that I read in 2019 and that was mostly because of the amazing cast of characters in this novel.

This book was everything I wanted in a Beauty and the Beast retelling and it is mostly due to Rhen.

Rhen was the beast in a retelling that I’d been waiting for.

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I wanted the beast to show the after effects of putting himself in a situation that lead to the curse. I wanted the torturous guilt.

Rhen is the ultimate tortured soul hiding behind a certain irreverence. I loved that throughout the book you see peeks of who he was before the curse: The arrogance, the cleverness, the calculating prince.

As the story goes on, you truly see how hundreds of years of torture from the curse that was placed on him has taken a toll. At the time of the story, Rhen has basically given up all hope of breaking the curse. He’s broken, but attempting to hide it. He’s absolutely broken and it killed me.

You can read my review of his book here.

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