2020 Blog & Booktube New Year’s Goals

Like I mentioned in my recent Bookish Goals post, I love making lists – and a brand new year (never mind, decade!) is the perfect time to make tons of lists.

This time I’m showing you some of my goals for my online bookish presence:

Become more active on Instagram and Goodreads
I’ve been painfully neglecting these two social outlets in 2019. I’ve recently started to become more active on Instagram and have communicated with so many awesome bookish friends, I really was missing out!

Post my reviews on Instagram
I’ve been struggling a bit with how to use my “timeline” (is it called a timeline?) on Instagram aside from just posting pictures of books randomly. I like how some bookstagrammers will post their reviews there, so I think I’m going to start doing that, too.

Post my hauls on Instagram
I haven’t done a haul here on the blog for a while because I’ve been mostly doing them on my Booktube channel. I think it’d be fun to try to take some nice photos of my hauls and post them on Instagram as well. I may bring back hauls on my blog, too!

Post all of my reviews on Goodreads
I’ve been TERRIBLE about posting my reviews on Goodreads in 2019. It’s definitely time to start doing that! I have a lot of catching up to do!

Reinstate favorite blog posts for the month
I used to have a monthly post here on the blog highlighting all of my favorite bookish blog posts that I’ve read during the month, but because I’ve been awful about blog-hopping lately, I haven’t done that in a few months. I love shouting out fellow bloggers who are killing it with their content, so I definitely need to bring it back!

Post Booktube videos at least twice a week (aim for 3x)
This is pretty ambitious because filming takes A LOT of time. The planning process, filming, and editing can take me quite a while, but hopefully with some strategic planning, I’ll be able to do more than one video per week.

Updates Instagram stories more often
Again, since I’ve been neglecting Instagram, I haven’t been updating my stories even though it’s so quick and easy to do!

Rethink Goodreads shelves
My Goodreads shelves are (purposely) very minimal, however, I think it might be worth revisiting (and possibly doing another blog post about it!)

Create a readathon
I ADORE participating in readathons, and I think it would be fun to create my own or create one with someone!

Keep up with reviews
I think this is on my list every year LOL! I always fall so far behind on writing reviews. I do like to write reviews for every book I read, but it’s really hard to keep up with it!

Take notes while reading
I listen to a lot of audiobooks and usually while I’m actively doing things (like driving and cleaning) so, it’s really hard for me to take notes, but I need to start making a conscious effort to do so. It’ll make writing reviews so much easier!

Share favorite booktube videos & blog posts on Instagram and Twitter
One of the best things about the bookish community is how supportive everyone is of each other. There are tons of book bloggers’ and booktubers’ content that I enjoy, I need to get better about sharing it with my friends!

Use Asana for content management
I actually have started doing this over the past week and I’m LOVING it. It’s making my life so much easier. I use Asana for work and it has a personal side of the program, so I’ve been using it strictly for content management for my blog, booktube, and social.

More collaborations with fellow bloggers/booktubers
I’d love to collaborate more with my bookish friends!

Start a Facebook Page
I need to do this strictly because it’s the only way to schedule posts to Instagram, and it’ll make my life a thousand times easier if I can schedule those posts! This way I can focus on Stories for real-time updates. I don’t know if I’ll actually update it regularly, we’ll see…

7 thoughts on “2020 Blog & Booktube New Year’s Goals

  1. Some great plans there! I need to do most of that too. I was on a roll for most of the year, but the last three months I’ve done literally nothing – no reviews, no posts, no instagram or FB. Ugh. Need to start the year off on the right note. Might use your goals as a starting point for my own!

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