Muse by Alexa Riley & Fiona Davenport

Overall Rating: 2 Stars
Title: Muse
Author: Alexa Riley & Fiona Davenport
Format: Hard copy purchased from Shameless Book Con

Shelby Walsh is struggling to make ends meet. She spends her days doing singing telegrams for extra cash, but she never expected to be sent out to perform for the world’s most famous composer. And definitely not in a skimpy Greek goddess outfit. How is she supposed to keep it together when every part of her is screaming for him to take her?

Theo Hayes is a recluse. He just wants to be left alone to work on his next big movie score. He’s even grumpier than usual because he’s in a bit of a rut. But when his brother sends him a singing telegram for inspiration, he finds his muse and plans to never let her go. Keeping her for his very own is the only option.

Warning: We’ve teamed up with Fiona Davenport to give you an epic symphony for your lady business. What’s better than two authors working you over? How about four? If you want insta-love with all the safety and security of a happily ever after, then jump in bed with us. There’s room for more!



In an attempt to actually reach my Goodreads goal (it’s not looking good LOL), I’ve pooled together all of the shortest books on my bookshelf.

This is a book that my mom bought at Shameless Book Con this year and she gave to me after she read it. This is a very short little novella, under 100 pages, so it was perfect for what I was looking for.

To be fair, I’m not typically a fan of romance novellas because it can be really hard to pull off a convincing love story with great characters in so few pages. (And those are two important ingredients to a great romance novel, in my opinion.)

Let’s just say this book was a prime example of a novella not working for me… at all.

Everything was so rushed and ridiculous. Even as I tried to suspend belief, I still couldn’t buy in to this book.

Of the many strikes against this book, the most prominent were the alpha male character (overdone), insta-love, grossly over-protective hero (he didn’t want her to have a male gynecologist – insert eyeroll here), and no chemistry between the characters.

The premise of this book had a lot of potential. The meetcute in this was almost adorable. I like the grumpy hero who doesn’t believe in love thing, but he flipped that switch a little too fast.

I almost feel like this book would’ve made a great full-length rom-com … perhaps written by Helena Hunting, because the whole singing telegram thing is absolutely adorable.

This just missed the mark. Within minutes, the two characters fall desperately in love and she immediately moves in with him, where he hides her away and doesn’t let her leave.

So… why two stars and not one? The steamy scenes were actually really good and the premise was a cute idea… and that’s about it.

Butterfly Rating: 0 Stars


Re-read Worthiness: No

Bookshelf Placement: Yes

Book Boyfriend Rating: 0 stars





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