The Dating Dare by A.R. Perry {Review by Kayla}

Review by Kayla, In Love & Words Teen Reader

Overall Rating: 4 Stars
Title: The Dating Dare
Author: A.R. Perry

No one gets under Lily Holladay’s skin quicker than her ex-best friend Parker Hayes. Popular and completely full of himself, he goes out of his way to make her life miserable. Too bad he lives right next door making avoiding him near impossible.

Parker Hayes can’t stand Lily Holladay, but not for the reasons she thinks. He made a huge mistake when he pushed her away the summer his family life shattered. Four years later, he has no idea how to fix their relationship.

Their balancing act of avoidance and aversion implodes when they are dared to date each other for the summer. With their friends shoving them together and an impromptu trip to a childhood lake house, they may very well discover that strong feelings of dislike are masking something deeper.




I finished this book in one day!

I really enjoyed this book. I liked the plot and how everything played out. I also think that there was such a good friendship going on with Lily and Madison even though Madison could be intense, I think she really has Lily’s back when something goes really wrong.

There was also another hidden friendship going on with Parker and Hunter, but it doesn’t really go into detail. There was only a small part that to me, kind of showed that Parker and Hunter were a lot closer than it looked.

I really like books that have really good side friendships with other characters whether it is a sibling relationship or just a best friend relationship in general. I also thought it was nice to have Parker’s POV in here and even though it was only a few times, I thought it made the book even more interesting.

Parker isn’t one of my top favorite book boyfriends, but I still liked him and I liked him even more that both Lily and Parker’s parents wanted them to be together and everyone else saw that they would be perfect for each other even when Parker and Lily didn’t.

Butterfly Rating: 3 Stars


Book Boyfriend Rating: 3 stars

Although I really did like Parker, there have been better book boyfriends that made me swoon more than he did.

Age Recommendation: 14+




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