Chasing Mermaids by Seven Steps (St. Mary’s Academy #2) {Review by Kayla}

Review by Kayla, In Love & Words Teen Reader

Overall Rating: 4 Stars
Title: Chasing Mermaids
Author: Seven Steps
Series: St. Mary’s Academy #2

A hot ex-boyfriend. A determined swim star. And a battle of wills that will make you laugh, cry and cheer.

Ariel Swimworthy thought her life was perfect. She was the new captain of her school’s swim team, she had a new best friend, and even a shiny new crush to dream about.

And then her father pulled her off the team to join a boring business academy.

Now, the only way to swim again is to accept the help of her ex-boyfriend, Eric Shipman. Eric shredded Ariel’s heart when he lied to her, and she’s determined not to get back with him. But its hard to be around someone who knows your deepest, darkest secrets. Even harder when that someone will do anything to win you back.

When sparks start flying, and old flames start igniting, what will Ariel do? Follow her dream or protect her heart at all cost? Its a battle of wills and hearts are on the line in this young adult contemporary romance. Buy it now.

**Can be read as a standalone novel**

Book 1 – The Boyfriend Agreement (Bella)
Book 2 – Chasing Mermaids (Ariel)
Book 3 – The Secret Lives Of Princesses (Jasmine)
Book 4 – The Art Of Kissing Frogs (Sophia Tiana)




Short Review
Loving these re-tellings!

Long Review
Okay, can I just say, I was kind of confused of the title of this book but at the very end of the previous book, it all made sense and I fell in love! When I read the other book, I was wondering what was with the names because there were many Disney princess names and weird last names. At first the names were getting really excessive when I realized the books were probably meant to resemble the Disney movies in some ways. But my favorite Disney movie is The Little Mermaid which is why I really liked this book and the title. But, I was instantly in love with how this book started. I don’t know if it is for my love of mermaids or for the title of this book but I really enjoyed it! This book managed to give me goosebumps at certain parts and also had me laughing sometimes too. There also seems to be a crazy twist all the times with these books that you never expect. There is also very strong friendships in this series that will do anything for each other, even if it does mean literally fighting people for each other. I think this book had a really sweet meaning to it which mixed perfectly with the family and friendships in this book.

Butterfly Rating: 1 Star


Book Boyfriend Rating: 4 stars

I love how Eric never gave up on Ariel and how much he showed he cared for her. I think Ariel and Eric have an amazing connection with each other!

Age Recommendation: 13+





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