Where I’ve Been…

Oh, hi there!

You may or may not have noticed a bit of a dry spell here on the blog and over on my YouTube channel.

As with my previous hiatuses, this one was entirely unexpected and, thankfully, not for a bad reason at all.

First, I went on vacation the week of my birthday.

And while I fully expected to have a ton of downtime while my family and I vacationed at my friend’s condo on the beach, all I did was lay in the sun, swim, read, and spend time with my family. It was absolutely glorious and perfect.


Then, as soon as we got back, we started working on replacing our floors.

My sister and her husband could basically star in their own HGTV show because they’re so freaking talented when it comes to home improvement projects.

I left the floor replacement to them, but I helped by re-painting all of our baseboards and doors. (I’m terrible at DIY stuff, but they turned out ok… if you don’t look to close LOL! Meanwhile, our floors are perfect.)

It’s an incredibly slow-moving project because my sister and brother-in-law both have full-time jobs, so we’ve been doing one room one day per week. Right now only the girls’ room and the bathroom are finished.

This weekend we move onto the playroom.

We had every intention of starting in my library (which is where the front door and dining room is located), so I packed up ALL of my books and moved all of my shelves away from the walls to remove the baseboards… then we found out we had mold and had to get insurance involved.

Instead, we moved to the girls’ bedroom and are working our way from that side of the house while the mold issue is getting taken care of.

This means that I haven’t filmed in weeks since my beautiful background is a hot mess until we get to the library and everything gets fixed.

Our house has been absolute chaos. Each room in boxes and shifted around as we work on the floors room by room.

Now, I’m the youngest of four and a Gemini and a general chaotic mess in general, so it doesn’t really bother me. In fact, it’s given me a chance to go through and reorganize and unhaul a ton of unnecessary stuff. (Especially in the playroom).

I’ve been able to donate BAGS of stuff to our local thrift store and after cleaning out our hall closet last week, I was able to donate four bags of blankets to our local animal shelter.

The playroom had so many unused toys that the girls have grown out of that we donated this week as well.

As far as reading goes…

I’ve taken on the task of participating in my very on Mariana Zapata Reading Challenge.

This isn’t actually a real thing, I just felt like re-reading all of MZ’s books, so I did. I read every single one. Now, I’ve read The Wall of Winnipeg and Me about 3,000 times, but all the others I’ve only read once MAYBE twice, so going back into her backlist has been so refreshing.

I was in a bit of a slump, so it was nice to be revived again.

Mariana even let me know on Twitter that she’ll be out with a new book soon, so I’ve prepped perfectly!

Screen Shot 2019-07-05 at 4.15.51 PM
PS follow me on Twitter! @inloveandwords

I’ve since moved on to reading The Mister by EL James because it became available at my library and I’m so deeply disinterested in the story and characters so far, even though I’m about 20% in.

It should be noted here that I was not a fan of Fifty Shades of Gray, however, I read the entire series and I ADORED the movies. I felt like the movies were cast well and, more than anything, the cinematography and score was absolutely stunning.

Anyway, I’m hoping to get back in the swing of things here on the blog and over on my BookTube channel. I have some pre-recorded stuff I can edit and put up while I search for a place in my crazy house to film!

I love and have missed you all! Please tell me what you’ve been up to!

3 thoughts on “Where I’ve Been…

  1. Your vacation sounds like it was perfect, but I’m sorry for all the issues you have going on with your house. We have a super old house, so there is always a project (or five) popping up. We just replaced our toilet today. We have well water and it’s the fourth toilet we’ve put in during our 18 years here. Home ownership sucks sometimes. But I love your floors. It’s definitely a color I would chose, too.


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