The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller

Overall Rating: 5 Stars
Title: The Song of Achilles
Author: Madeline Miller
Format: Audiobook purchased from Audible

Greece in the age of heroes. Patroclus, an awkward young prince, has been exiled to the court of King Peleus and his perfect son Achilles. By all rights their paths should never cross, but Achilles takes the shamed prince as his friend, and as they grow into young men skilled in the arts of war and medicine their bond blossoms into something deeper – despite the displeasure of Achilles’ mother Thetis, a cruel sea goddess. But then word comes that Helen of Sparta has been kidnapped. Torn between love and fear for his friend, Patroclus journeys with Achilles to Troy, little knowing that the years that follow will test everything they hold dear.

Profoundly moving and breathtakingly original, this rendering of the epic Trojan War is a dazzling feat of the imagination, a devastating love story, and an almighty battle between gods and kings, peace and glory, immortal fame and the human heart.



Could I have loved this novel more? I don’t think so.

The only understanding I had of Achilles’ story was the movie Troy with Brad Pitt, for better or worse.

Obviously, Song of Achilles was quite different than that story in many aspects. Of course, the one that stood out to me the most was the romance, and while I loved the romance in Troy, I have to say that I am so much more on board with the romance in this novel.

I don’t want to go too much into detail about the romance, though, because if you’re like me, it’ll take you delightfully by surprise, but I will say that I will 100% go down with this ‘ship.

I hadn’t read the synopsis before reading this book and I was a bit confused when I realized who was telling the story. It didn’t take me long to fall in love with Patroclus, his story, and how he told it.

Seeing Achilles through Patroclus’s eyes was a delightful surprise for me, but it made so much sense. Achilles is everything that Patroclus isn’t and the subtle way his envy turns to admiration was beautifully done.

I loved the dynamic between the two characters and their personalities: Achilles, who is outwardly fierce and strong, but inwardly truly a good and compassionate person vs. Patroclus who oozes compassion without the mask. Of course, Patroclus has the privilege of being able to simply be who he is without having to live up to what others believe him to be, unlike Achilles.

And the way Achilles accepts and embraces and, eventually, thrives on this fate just made me fall even more in love with him.

I learned a lot of things that I didn’t know about this story through this novel and I absolutely cannot wait to read Circe.

Audiobook Performance: 5 stars


Butterfly Rating: 3 Stars


Re-read Worthiness: Yes!

Bookshelf Placement: YES!

Book Boyfriend Rating: 5 stars





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