My Top 5 Favorite Male & Female Romance Audiobook Narrators (and My Favorite Books they Read)

As you may or may not know, I’m an obsessive reader of audiobooks. A decent percentage of the books I read are on audio, and a lot of times, even if I read a physical or eBook and enjoy it, I’ll likely purchase it on audio as well.

I’ve always loved having people read to me, but I totally get that it isn’t for everyone.

I’m a really good multitasker, so listening to audiobooks actually makes me more productive and as long as I’m not reading, writing, or talking while listening to an audiobook, I get sh*t done a lot faster when I’m listening to a book.

If it wasn’t for audiobooks, I wouldn’t have read as many books as I have (200 last year! 150 the year before!). I don’t have a lot of down time to sit and read a book without feeling guilty, but with audio, I can still get what I need to get done while also getting some reading done.

In my many years of listening to audiobooks, I’ve come to love certain narrators and even will purchase audiobooks based on the narrator first, then the author/synopsis second.

I’ve become a huge fangirl of these narrators.

Of course, all of these narrators are popular in the romance genre because, obviously, that’s my main love.

Top 5 Male Audiobook Narrators & My Favorite Books They Read

34321962#5 John Lane – Captain by Lauren Rowe

I have a very soft spot in my heart for John Lane because he’s narrated all of Lauren Rowe’s audiobooks with her. His voice is super deep and gravelly, and he manages to hit all the comedic parts with ease in Lauren’s books. I chose Captain as my favorite audio narrated by him simply because I think his voice fits that character the best, but I’ve loved all of her books that he’s narrated.


39807394#4 Jason Clarke – Birthday Suit by Lauren Blakely

Ok, to be fair, I’ve only ever heard Jason Clarke narrate a full cast audiobook of Birthday Suit, but I swear, even among great narrators like Shane East and Sebastian York, Jason Clarke’s parts stood out to me. His voice is smooth, rich, and flirty. Please believe I will be downloading more audiobooks narrated by him just so I can hear more of his voice!


34507164#3 Shane East – Prince Charming by CD Reiss

The first word that comes to mind when I think of Shane East as a narrator is dashing. He sounds like that dashing, sexy guy who will come a sweep you off of your feet. I loved reading the eBook version of Prince Charming and when I saw that Shane East was narrating the audio, I was ridiculously excited.



businessman working on laptop  in black suit#2 Jacob Morgan – Pucked Off by Helena Hunting

Jacob Morgan also narrates under another name for the less-steamy audiobooks and I almost included his real name as #3, but that would’ve been silly. I like the super steamy audiobooks he narrates better, so I chose this pseudonym instead. His voice is deep, sexy, almost irreverent and aloof sometimes, which for some reason, makes it even more sexy, but dear God he does an accent in this book and I cannot handle it. There are even a few places where he’s yelling in it and I have to fan myself every time. A very close second place is his narration of Priest. If you think you can handle him narrating all the sexy things, you aren’t ready for him narrating Priest. I assure you.


27216306#1 Christian Fox – With Visions of Red by Trisha Wolfe

The first time I heard Christian Fox read an audiobook, it was for With Visions of Red. Unfortunately for me, I was driving at the time and I’d already been in love with Colton because I’d read the eBooks before the audio came out… and I was unprepared. I almost had to pull over when his voice came through my speakers because I could not think of another human being who could have done a better job at narrating for this mysterious and sexy character. A close runner-up to my favorite books he’s narrated is definitely King of Code.



Top 5 Female Audiobook Narrators & My Favorite Books They Read


376837511#5 Callie Dalton – From Lukov with Love by Mariana Zapata

I believe Callie has narrated all of Mariana Zapata’s books so far, and I now associate her voice with Mariana Zapata instinctively. It is no surprise that she is back for every book because she gets Mariana’s humor so perfectly. She nails even the subtle humor which makes the books that much more enjoyable.


51wynd1cftl-_sl500_#4 Stephanie Rose – American Queen by Sierra Simone

I think I fell in love with Stephanie Rose so hard because her voice and acting were so damn perfect for American Queen. Hearing her sweet, soothing voice narrate such naughty scenes was so freaking amazing and I loved every second of it.



businessman working on laptop  in black suit#3 Rose Diorio – Pucked Off by Helena Hunting

I’m so deeply in love with Rose Diorio’s voice, I can’t even. It’s very similar to Stephanie Rose (the next narrator on this list) I had a hard time decided who to put first! Both of their voices are very sweet and a pleasure to listen to. I have such a crush on their voices. And Pucked Off? She performs it with Jacob Morgan, so this audiobook is a total eargasm.


111306._sy180_#2 Xe Sands – Nightwalkers series by Jaquelyn Frank

No female narrator is better at doing male voices than Xe Sands. I’m convinced of it. I’ve had my husband listen to a clip of her reading and he even thought there was a man narrating the male parts. I was like, “Nope, that’s the same woman.” She, like Jennifer Ikeda, is fantastic with accents as well.



8667848#1 Jennifer Ikeda – A Discovery of Witches Trilogy by Deborah Harkness

If I had to choose an all-time favorite audiobook reader, male or female, it would be Jennifer Ikeda. Her accents are stunning and how she can switch between multiple characters of different genders and origins with ease is mind-boggling. Her Matthew Clairmont voice is SO damn sexy. Unfortunately, I found out from Sarah J Maas (Jennifer Narrated the first two books in the ACOTAR series), apparently, Jennifer is not doing narrating anymore which is super sad.



Honorable Mentions

Laura Knight Keating – To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han

I can’t stand when the narrator’s voices sound too old for the characters they are narrating, so it was so relieving to hear a narrator who sounded the correct age for this YA. She doesn’t sound too childish, but she has Lara Jean’s innocence nailed down perfectly. I was glad she narrated the entire series.


Katie Schorr – The Hating Game by Sally Thorne

If I had to choose one narrator that was the absolute perfect fit for a character, it would be Katie Schorr for Lucy from The Hating Game. Oh. My. God. She nailed all the humor and the cuteness of Lucy like no one else could.


Amanda Ronconi – A Little Night Magic by Lucy March

I’ve not heard Amanda narrate any other books aside from the first two books in this series and while I’m not particularly a fan of her voice through and through, her comedic timing and sarcastic undertones made listening to this book so, so much better.


Who are your favorite narrators? Your favorite audiobooks?




12 thoughts on “My Top 5 Favorite Male & Female Romance Audiobook Narrators (and My Favorite Books they Read)

  1. Anything narrated by Jacob Morgan / Zachary Webber, I listen. Gosh, Priest oozed with sexiness. He’s my top narrator for Romance. My favorite narrator for non-romance book is Santino Fontana (You). For the female narrator, I love Erin Mallon (Addicted series). I like her when she shifts her voice from male to female voice. She’s so good.

    Great list, Bree! 🙂

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  2. I love Zachery Webber as well, his voice is wonderful. I also like Erin Mallon, Andi Arndt and CJ Bloom. though I know a lot don’t like Erin or CJ, but have to say they both do fantastic male voices, especially Erin.

    What about a list of terrible narrators?

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