Bookish Things I love: January 2019

It’s the time of month where my wallet and will-power hate me. The time of month where I share a small collection of bookish items that I’ve been lusting after. The time of month where I drag you down the rabbit hole with me.

Let’s go.

This Bookmarks are for Quitters shirt (actually this whole outfit is super cute!)


This Read ‘Em and Weep Black Cat Book Tote


This All the Cool Kids are Reading shirt


This Allow Me to Seduce You with my Bookish Charms tank top


This gorgeous I Don’t Have a Bedtime, I Have a Booktime pillow


This Bookworm Stamped necklace


This adorable Not Today, I’m Booked Mug

Which of these fun bookish items do you like the best?




14 thoughts on “Bookish Things I love: January 2019

    1. Yeah it may be a mobile issue… they are the actual posts from Pinterest (with WordPress, if you add the link to the Pin, it automatically populates the Pin… apparently not on some phones!)


  1. So I discovered the rabbit hole this past holiday season when I googled bookish/nonbookish things to get ideas to give to my fiancé. OMG there are so many!!! It’s a good thing I am the most undecided person because I couldn’t choose what I wanted and ended up giving up. LOL

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