My Very First Reading Vlog!

Ok, so, to be fair, this isn’t your typical reading vlog.

I had every intention of doing a traditional BookTube Reading Vlog™, but then I realized that I do not have the equipment nor do I have the creativity to set up my phone to use as a camera to record a traditional reading vlog at the moment.

Instead, I updated my Instagram Stories throughout my Winter Break, downloaded the videos at the end of my break, threw them together in iMovie, slapped in some music and a couple of slides at the end and now I can share them here!

Maybe one day I will attempt a BookTube situation, but I’m really self-conscious and awkward when talking to myself in front of a camera (I talk to myself just fine without a camera, interestingly enough) also, I have small children that interrupt every three seconds.

Anyway, this is basically the longest intro ever to a super basic video, but in case you have some free time and want a very brief peek into my life while on vacation, check it out here:


Happy reading! I hope you all had a lovely holiday season.

PS – what are your favorite BookTube channels?

16 thoughts on “My Very First Reading Vlog!

  1. Watched your reading vlog and I enjoyed it! I think what you did with your IG stories, worked out as a whole video because (my personal opinion), I sometimes get easily bored when all they do was just talk (just sometimes, though).

    And I’m so drooling over Neal Schusterman’s Scythe and Thunderhead for awhile now. Still haven’t gotten my copies yet but I’m so glad you enjoyed it. It made me want to pick them up sooner!

    Oh! And I just craved for hot cocoa with marshmallows and it’s entirely your fault! 😂 kidding, what’s your instagram handle if you don’t mind me asking? Because I enjoyed your reading vlog 🙂

    Btw, my fave booktuber is emmmabooks. I fell inlove with her the first time by watching her fairyloot unboxings 🙂


    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it! And I totally feel the same. I don’t mind a little chit-chat, but most of the time I’m like, “Ok, but I really just want to know your favorite books of 2018!” LOL!

      Scythe was really, really good. It definitely lived up to the hype – and I’m a romance novel girl, but I still really enjoyed it! Thunderhead is on my list, next!

      OMG I drank so much hot cocoa the past few weeks, it was a little ridiculous. I love that you can buy an entire container of just the little marshmallows because, seriously, no packet of hot cocoa ever has enough for me.

      I’ll check out that booktuber! Thanks for the suggestion.

      And my insta is inloveandwords 🙂 What’s yours?

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      1. Ah, yes!! Another good think in booktubes and blogs is I get to admire how they set up their shelves/reading nook 😂

        I’m so excited about getting to read Scythe too. I’ll definitely pick them up this year.

        Last week, I was really craving for marshmallows and I drooled when I sww your hot cocoa with lots of marshmallows at the top. Gaaaahhh 💕

        My ig is ekameeeyy. But it’s just my personal account and sometimes I post random stuff 😂

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