2019 Blogging Resolutions

First, I just want to say that I typed up this entire effing post, proceeded to delete it, and then fiendishly hit UNDO UNDO UNDO to no avail.

Lesson learned.

It was one of those things where I want to flip out and throw my laptop across the room, but at the end of the day, there is 100% nothing I can do about it except sigh, accept my fate, and re-freaking-write.

Beaucoup Books was actually the one that unintentionally inspired this post. She commented on my recent Reading Resolutions post saying that she wanted to start blogging more and it gave me the idea to share my blogging resolutions.

Twice, apparently.

And here we are.


Keep a regular blogging schedule

When I’m on a roll, I tend to post every day. When I get super busy and/or overwhelmed, though, I end up disappearing for a few days at a time, but I always miss it and come back. My hope is that I maintain my habit of pre-scheduling posts a few days in advance so that I’m not trying to actually update every day.


Post my reviews to Goodreads right away (or in a more timely manner)

I am the worst about posting the reviews I post here to Goodreads/Audible/Amazon. Once it’s posted here, I always forget to share it on those sites. I think I just need to make it part of my routine.


Make a post about my blogging calendar

I’ve had the idea of sharing my blogging calendar and routine with you ever since I think I’ve finally perfected it (after trying out several different routes). I’d also love to see how you plan posts and keep track of your post ideas!


Catch up with my reviews (and keep up with them!)

I am so embarrassingly behind on writing my reviews. Typically, I write my reviews immediately after finishing a book, but ever since The Big Book Rush of 2018 in which I read 12 books in one week, I fell behind. I was concentrating so hard at hitting my Goodreads Goal, that writing reviews became secondary.


Make more time to read friends’ posts

I love getting inspiration for blog posts and inspiration for what to read from my blogger friends, but I know that I tend to neglect my feed. I want to make time at least every other day to read and comment on your posts!


Respond to comments in a timely manner

Sometimes I just don’t think to check WordPress and I end up missing comments when they are posted! I’m thinking while I am setting aside to read my feed, I’ll check comments at the same time.


Post my reading vlogs here on my blog

I’ve been filming quick little Reading Vlogs on my Instagram account for the past few days and my hope is that it’s something I can keep up with and upload to YouTube weekly so that I can share them here. It’s so easy just to record quick video snippets and take a quick picture here and there throughout my day about what I’m doing and what I’m reading. I think it’d be fun to share them here.



What are your blogging resolutions? Let me know if you make a post or comment your resolutions here.


15 thoughts on “2019 Blogging Resolutions

  1. I am the same way about my blogging schedule. I will be on a roll posting regularly and then suddenly I will get busy with work, life, etc. and get completely derailed. Then I end up missing it and come back. I bought myself a planner so this won’t happen as frequently. We shall see.

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  2. Oh, nooooo! That’s such a bummer about accidentally deleting your whole post! It really sucks when that kind of thing happens. I feel your pain.
    Nice goals for the new year, though! 🙂 I really need to make some time to sit down and think out what my goals for 2019 will be. Best of luck to you with your resolutions and Happy New Year! 😀

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  3. I love all of this! You’ve inspired me to see where I can make some changes for 2019.

    My biggest blogging resolution at the moment would be to lighten my review load. I tend to want to read all the books and then overwhelm myself trying to fit them all in and get them reviewed 😔

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    1. Oh, awesome! ❤

      And OMG I need to add that resolution to mine. That backlog of books that I need to review is haunting my dreams.

      I think I might just do a bunch of mini reviews for most of them and post them all together. Hmmm….

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