10 Books on my Kindle That I Plan to Read in 2019

First, before we dive in… to everyone that celebrates:


I’m writing this post a few days before it goes live and I imagine right now I am likely cleaning up wrapping paper or putting together toys or playing with the girls and their new toys.

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I’ve been updating my Instagram Stories with a Winter Break Reading Vlog. I’ll eventually upload it to YouTube and post it here, but if you want to follow along live, please add me! I’d love to see what you’re up to as well!

Anyway, here are 10 books I’ve had on my Kindle for a while that I want to read in 2019:

The Good Luck Charm by Helena Hunting

I’m obsessed with Helena’s Pucked series and this book looks so cute. I got in on sale when it first came out, but never got around to reading it.


Sweet Sinful Nights (Sinful Nights, #1) by Lauren Blakely

I can’t recall exactly when or how I came across this – I have a feeling it was free – but I got it before I fell in love with Lauren Blakely and now I’m so glad I bought this!


Beginner’s Guide: Love and Other Chemical Reactions by Six de los Reyes

This has been on my TBR forever. It just looks so, so good. I got it for free several months ago thinking that I would read it right away, but I never got around to it.


Hopeless (Hopeless, #1) by Colleen Hoover

I am one of many Colleen Hoover fans, and I anticipate reading all of her books. I’m not even sure what this one is about, I just know that it’s by Colleen Hoover and I’m sold. I’m pretty sure this was a freebie, too!


Forget Me Not (Forget Me Not, #1) by Willow Winters

Willow Winters has been at a few book convention I’ve been to and I always tell myself that I’m going to read one of her books before I meet her, but I have yet to actually do so. I’m determined to read this before Shameless 2019!


Marriage Games (The Games Duet, #1) by C.D. Reiss

CD Reiss is another author I fell in love with this year! The first book I read by her was King of Code and I was sold. This was either free or on Kindle Unlimited.


Cards of Love: Five of Cups by Trisha Wolfe

I’m currently reading this and, as always, I’m in love with Trisha’s writing. I’m not sure what to expect from this book, but even if I don’t love the story, I’m already impressed by the writing.


Forever Right Now by Emma Scott

Just like the hard copy book I have from Emma, I started searching for her books after reading the Full Tilt duet.


Lost in Me (Here and Now Book 1) by Lexi Ryan

Lexi Ryan is another popular romance author that I don’t know too much about and when I saw this freebie, I grabbed it and decided to pop my cherry.


Beneath This Mask (Beneath #1) by Meghan March

I’ve only read one book by Meghan March and I really liked it. This book looks very interesting and I’m excited to read it!



What books are sitting on your Kindle that you are hoping to get to in 2019?

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