Just A Little Update :)

Hi there, friends! It’s been a while since I’ve posted, so I wanted to pop in and say a quick, “Hello!” and give you a little update before I begin with my regular blog posts again.

When we last spoke, I was at least 10 books behind in my Goodreads Challenge. I knew setting a goal of 150 this year was going to be difficult, but I wanted to challenge myself. Last year my goal was 100 and upping the goal by 50 was a stretch I was willing to make.

When November rolled around, I finally got over a MEGA book slump and started reading like crazy. So much that I neglected my blog to do it, and while I missed chatting with you all, it was nice to focus on reading.

Over my Thanksgiving vacation I read 11 books in one week! It was insane, but so awesome! I haven’t binge-read like that in a long time and I didn’t want to stop.

Every spare moment I’ve had, I’ve been reading and now I’m only 2.5 books away from my goal (I’m about to finish another book today!)

Once I hit my Goodreads goal, I have a hell of a lot of reviews to write and a ton of ideas for blog posts, so expect to hear from me soon! I’ll be back on a more regular posting schedule and I can’t wait to see what you all have been up to.

I have a request for you:

I’d absolutely love it if you left links to your favorite blog posts that you’ve written over the past couple of months in the comments or send them to me on Twitter at @inloveandwords so I can check them out. I’m dying to see what you’ve been reading and what you’ve been up to!

Aside from reading ALL THE BOOKS, here’s what I’ve been up to:

My best friend had his Black, White, and Sparkles Christmas/Birthday party and a good friend of mine got married!

I love getting all glammed up for Joe’s Christmas/Birthday parties, and this year for the sparkle theme, I went all out with the sparkles and gems:

My husband and I got dressed up for the wedding, too:


I also grabbed a couple extra strands of Christmas lights and put them up behind my bed. They make the prettiest reading lights!

For those who are curious, that’s Misadventures with a Professor by Sierra Simone on my bed!

I got my nails done for the first time in YEARS. It was a complete indulgence and a huge mistake because once I got back to work and attempted to type, they annoyed the crap out of me and I had them taken off and it destroyed my normally strong real nails, but they looked cute for a while at least!


My youngest (4yo) lead Morning Assembly at her school and did an awesome job singing and public speaking! Her entire class had posters up that had a picture they drew of something that they are thankful for. Violets? “My neighbor’s pig.” I was like, “WHAT?” We don’t live on or near a farm, but ONCE about 4 months ago we were going on a walk in our neighborhood and someone’s pet pig came running out of the house and the girls were able to pet it. It was, apparently, memorable. My sister was like, “Good thing that happened otherwise she wouldn’t have been able to come up with anything to be thankful for.” /sarcasm. LMAO!

This little redhead has sass for days. Lord help me.

And last, but not least, I finally recorded my girls singing a snippet of The Greatest Showman’s A Million Dreams. It’s SO FREAKING CUTE in my motherly opinion. Violet is singing first, followed by Roree (6yo). I die.


Here’s to more lovely memories, binge-worthy books, and future blog love!

I love and miss you all! Don’t forget to comment with your latest blog posts so I can catch up!

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