Bookish Things I Love #6

It’s the time of month where my wallet and will-power hate me. The time of month where I share a small collection of bookish items that I’ve been lusting after. The time of month where I drag you down the rabbit hole with me.

Let’s go.

This Bookstore-scented candle.

This imprinted spoon with the word “Novelista” seems kind of pointless, but I want it anyway.

I suppose you could use this super fun imprinted spoon to stir your tea.

This pop-socket is perfect.


I’m gonna need these super awesome bookish knee-socks.



This subtle sign is perfect for quiet time.



A Christmas Tree full of these fun decorations would be so cute!



These bookmark clips are such a great idea.



The colors of this scarf are beautiful… and also… books.




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Which of these fun bookish items do you like the best?

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