Meet My Book Boyfriend: Tyler Caldwell

Welcome to a new series where I’ll be introducing you to one of my (many) book boyfriends.

Introducing… Tyler Caldwell from Misadventures of a College Girl by Lauren Rowe

Tyler Caldwell is, hands down, my current favorite contemporary romance book boy friend. Why? Let me count the ways.


Why I Love Tyler

Within the first few seconds of meeting this character, his personality shines through. He’s the kind of charming that can be spotted from across the room … the type of person that attracts people to him like a beacon.

Tyler is that super talented popular guy we’ve all known, who also just happens to be really nice to everyone. He’s not overly sweet, though. Honestly, everything about him is just right.

For example, he’s confident, but not cocky. He’s funny, but not over-the-top. He’s talented, but not without hard work and his fair share of setbacks. He’s committed without being overbearing. He’s honest and up front, but not cruel.

But, perhaps the best thing about Tyler is not only his own passion and purpose, but how he fuels those two things in others. Those are two very attractive traits that I don’t see very much in romance novels.

I think it’s all of those subtle balances that make Tyler perfect, but believable. Lauren Rowe has a gift for creating incredibly real characters and chemistry, without having to throw in a traumatic past.


Tyler Vibes





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