Favorite Bookish Blog Posts From August

I feel like I’ve been saying this every month lately, but I’ve been the worst blogger friend lately! I’ve been neglecting comments and I didn’t read many blog posts this month.

Fingers crossed that things get less crazy around here and I’m able to spend more time in the evenings seeing what you guys are up to/what you’re reading! … I say that as if I’m super busy in the evenings, but honestly, I’ve been going to sleep at old lady hours every night because I’ve been so exhausted.

Anyway, I did manage to read a few posts this month!

Here are my favorite posts from August

ReviewsFeed asked the question: Do We Encourage Children to Read as Much as We Could?

I am utterly OBSESSED with this poem by The Looking Glass. You will be, too.

I swear, Excuse My Reading absolutely nailed all these non-bookish things that potentially affect ratings/reviews.

I was living for … and relating to… all these Bookish Habits from Elsreads.

I know I totally show my bias here because she’s on pretty much every one of these lists, but I don’t care… I loved all of Ginny’s responses in her Unique Blogger Award post.

I am living for all of these lgbt recs from Book Twins Reviews!

And my favorite from this month comes from the lovely Whit Reads Lit. I love her monthly wrap-ups, but this one in particular held a special place in my heart ♥

What were some of your favorite reads this month?




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