TeaChat: Panic! at the Disco and End-of-Summer Dread

For those of you who are new around here, TeaChats are a monthly post that I do in which I pretend that you and I are going out and grabbing a cup of tea (or coffee or wine) and we’re chatting about what we’ve been up to lately.

Let’s chat!


July was a really great month for me. I spent a lot of time with family, read a ton of books, went to a few celebrations, and even went out to a concert and hung out with friends. I had a week of vacation from work, but really just stayed home with the girls, which was nice.

I’m actually wrapping up another week of vacation this week (and kind of dreading going back to work, but grateful for the break!)

Summer is my time to use most of my vacation and it’s coming to an end. Noooooo!

Anyway… onward to the usual TeaChat updates:

At Present I Am…





All the Panic! at the Disco videos on YouTube ever made. I’ve become re-obsessed after the concert!




This Golden Coconut Lentil soup was delicious!


Listening to

Pray for the Wicked album by Panic! at the Disco!


Obsessing over


Brendon. Freaking. Urie. That voice. That hair. That talent.


What’s Next

School is starting this month, which means my life is going to go back into insane-mode. I’m trying not to mourn the end of the summer, but it’s REALLY hard not to. My work weeks are insane trying to get the girls ready for school by myself in the mornings.

I made a post on Facebook once chronicling what a typical morning is like for me and it was no exaggeration:

5:30am: Wake up, check my email to make sure there were no “dire emergencies” at work while I was asleep. There was. I put out a tiny fire, then check my calendar to see what the day holds. I do this every morning because my day is never the same. I have 4 meetings today. I check Asana (a project management tool). Aside from my daily tasks, I have 3 more major tasks for big projects I’m working on that are due. I have to take a minute to mentally prepare because a couple of the things I have to do today at work take me out of my comfort zone and I’m a bit anxious about it.

5:45am: Go to the bathroom, kiss JT goodbye, wash my face, brush my teeth, get dressed, start doing my makeup

6am: Roree is awake. I say good morning, hugs and kisses, then spend several minutes convincing her to go to the bathroom as I start my makeup again. She finally goes, so I get her juice and her vitamins and tell her her options for breakfast. She says she doesn’t want any. I remind her that it’s important she eat something or she’ll be hungry at school. She finally decides on pancakes and sausage.

6:10am: I heat up Roree’s breakfast (thank goodness I made the pancakes and sausage over the weekend and froze them!) and set her up at the table. I realize I only have one eye lined with eyeliner and run into the bathroom to try to finish my makeup.

6:15am: Violet wakes up. Good morning, hugs, and kisses. I try to convince her to go potty. She refuses and wants me to hold her and dance. We dance. She finally goes potty and I get her juice. She refuses to eat vitamins, so I got powdered vitamins which I add to her drink. Violet is done going to the bathroom, so I ask her what she wants for breakfast. She says she doesn’t want breakfast. I notice that Roree hasn’t eaten hers, she’s playing with her baby, and I remind her to eat. She takes a bite. I run through the list of available breakfast items with Violet 4 more times before she finally lands on eggs and toast only because I told her I’d let her help cook.

6:25am: Violet and I make breakfast. I have to keep reminding her not to touch the pan because it is hot. She’s making a mess, but she’s happy and she’s agreed to eat the breakfast, so I don’t complain. I ask her to go sit at the table while I finish preparing her food. I bring her breakfast, Roree has only eaten on more bite, I remind her to keep eating. Violet tells me she doesn’t want eggs and toast, she wants sausage. I silently scream in my head, but run over and heat up a piece of sausage for her. I remember I still haven’t finished my makeup so I run into the bathroom to quickly line my other eye. Sausage is done, I run back into the kitchen and bring it to Violet. She goes to take a bit and starts crying because it is too hot. I blow on it for her and she asks me to feed her. Roree only ate one more bite, I tell her to keep eating. I feed Violet a couple of bites, but tell her she needs to finish feeding herself and I’ll be right back to sit with them. I run into the bathroom to finish my makeup.

6:40am: I’ve finished my makeup, but the girls are done with breakfast and have gathered in the bathroom. I ask them to clear their plates and put them in the sink. They actually listen. I run out into their bedroom and get their clothes ready, then ask them to join me in their bathroom to brush their teeth. I brush their hair while they brush their teeth, then I begin the process of getting them dressed. Roree is going at a snail’s pace as I’m getting her dressed and I try not to rush her. When it’s Violet’s turn she screams and runs away from me, saying she doesn’t want to get dressed. I sigh and realize the dogs still need to be let in. I ask Roree to do it. She does, God bless her. I finally catch Violet and it is a wrestling match to get her dressed. She’s crying, I’m on the verge of tears, but she’s dressed. I realize I still haven’t done my hair, so I run into my bathroom to do it.

6:55am: I’ve finished my hair and now I’m trying to convince the girls to go to the bathroom. They actually listen with no complaint today! Woo-hoo!

7am: We all pile out of the house. The girls do their “morning run” which consists of them running up and down the driveway while I load the car. They listen when I ask them to climb in (another win!), they pick out a DVD to watch and it takes a few minutes to set the DVD player up.

7:10am: Everyone gets buckled in and we’re off! Violet decides she doesn’t want her juice anymore, so she throws it on the ground. It glances off Roree’s shoe and Roree starts screaming that Violet threw it at her. I explain to Violet that she doesn’t need to throw her juice when it is done and I ask Roree to please stop screaming. Violet wants to listen to “Gospel” (Panic! At the Disco). I put it on. Roree wants me to turn it down because she’s watch her movie. I turn it down. Violet doesn’t want to listen to Gospel anymore, she wants me to sing. I sing the same song 6 times. Violet is trying to get Roree’s attention because she is wearing her headphones like sunglasses and she thinks it’s funny. She asks me to get Roree’s attention. I do, Roree laughs. THis happens 4 more times. Violet wants a mint. I give her a mint. Roree is hungry. I explain that’s why she needs to eat all of her breakfast. Violet wants to know if I saw the truck, I say I do, she says, “no, look,” I say, “I can’t look right now because I have to pay attention when I drive.” She throws her headphones. I ask her to please not throw her headphones. Violet is kicking the DVD player. I ask her not to. She screams at me. I ask her not to scream and why doesn’t she watch the movie. OMG she actually listens.

8am: We’ve arrived at school. Violet says she doesn’t want to go to school today. I tell her that her teachers and friends are waiting for her and I start getting out of the car and getting their things. Roree takes at least 5 whole minutes to climb out of the car which used to drive me crazy, but it’s fine now that I have to get Violet out and put her backpack on her. I put Roree’s backpack on her and we all hold hands and walk to school. Violet and I say goodbye to Roree first – she walks in without hesitation and is greeted by excited hello’s from her teachers and friends. This makes me so freaking happy. Violet and I walk to her class. Everyone is saying how cute she is and Violet is ignoring them. Violet’s teacher is outside and walks with us to her class. Violet walks right inside with her teacher and begins unpacking her bookbag without a backward glance.

8:10am: I head across the street to my office and begin my day.

Tell me… what have you been up to lately? What’s up next?




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