Bookish Things I Love: July 2018

It’s the time of month where my wallet and will-power hate me. The time of month where I share a small collection of bookish items that I’ve been lusting after. The time of month where I drag you down the rabbit hole with me.

Let’s go.

This tears of my readers mug is perfect for the evil, evil authors I love.


These hand-drawn bookish stickers are perfect for those of us who love planners and books!


Who doesn’t love a great tote? Particularly one that says, “bookish babes”?


Those of us who are obsessed with Outlander will appreciate this sweatshirt!


These book coasters are so adorable! (Do people even use coasters anymore?)


These miniature books would be so cute on a bookshelf!


Umm… I need these curtains in my library STAT!


I’m a sucker for fun lighting, so it is no surprise this literal book light is speaking to me right now.


I think I’ve used coasters about 3 times in my life, but I feel like I need these coasters, too.


I mean, this is basically all of us, right?


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Which of these fun bookish items do you like the best?




18 thoughts on “Bookish Things I Love: July 2018

  1. I still use coasters! But only at work. The cup I have sweats a ton and I don’t want to ruin my desk. My coffee table at home is hopeless so I don’t bother at home haha.

    I love the book light too! I almost bought that one for myself a couple weeks ago but barely refrained!

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  2. I love reading this segment on your blog. It’s always fun to find bookish things. I actually have the folding LED book light. My friend gave it to me on my birthday a year or two ago. I haven’t used it for lighting when I read books, but it’s totally great as a prop for bookstagram pics. =)

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    1. Aww thank you! I love looking through fun bookish stuff and compiling a list of favorites 😛

      And omg! I can’t believe you actually have that book light!


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