Favorite Blog Posts from June 2018

This month’s book slump turned into a blog slump, which meant that I didn’t end up reading a lot of blog posts, however, that doesn’t mean that I didn’t find some great ones when I did pop in occasionally throughout the month!

Listed below are my favorite blog posts of June.

Pretty books shared an awesome round-up of Summer Reads!

Meltotheany never fails to write amazing content, her LGBTQIAP+ round up of book suggestions in honor of Pride Month was no exception.

Chelle’s Book Ramblings has this super fun series of “Tropish Book Recommendations,” this particular post was full of arranged marriage recs — I LOVE this trope!

Being a huge fan of Book Cons myself, I was living vicariously through Dani’s Bookshelf’s Book Expo recap.

The Discerning Couch Potato listed Top 10 Beach Reads and I legit have read and loved all of them except one – which I added to my TBR. (Side note, her blog makes it to this list frequently and I always have trouble spelling “discerning” for some reason LMAO!)

Anyone who loves bookshops will appreciate this post by Priyasha. She discusses the love of bookshops and why.


And now on to my FAVORITE Blog Posts of the Month!

Whit Reads Lit listed the highest rated books on her TBR… And my book was one of them! Granted, it’s because I barely have any reviews, but it was a shock to see my book among so many great ones!

I nearly peed my pants when I saw that Chhavi and Books posted a review of my book, A Soul Full of Stars! It’s my very first book blogger review! I’m going to print it and frame it, I’m not even exaggerating. (There was also a Stacking the Shelves post that ASFOS made it on as well!)


What were some of your favorite reads this month?




10 thoughts on “Favorite Blog Posts from June 2018

    1. You’re the freaking best, thank you! I’m in the process of writing the sequel — I’m about 4 chapters in! I’m pretty excited about the premise, revisiting old characters, and introducing new ones 🙂

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