Bookish This or That Tag

I wasn’t actually tagged in this, but it seemed like a fun tag, so I decided to tag myself 🙂

I originally discovered this tag over on The Book Dutchesses.

Bookish This or That



Audiobook OR text book

While I love having physical books around the house, I love the smell, look and feel of them, I read far more audiobooks than I do physical books simply because of convienience.


Paperback OR Hardback

Hardback books are gorgeous, but paperback books are easier on my wrists and hands to read!


Fiction OR Non-Fiction

LOL! Definitely fiction, if you couldn’t tell from the theme of my blog!


Bookshop OR Online

Nothing beats spending time in a bookstore. My favorite gifts are gift cards to a bookstore just so that I have an excuse to spend the day there. I pop my headphones in, listen to music, grab a cup of coffee, and browse for hours.


Standalone OR Trilogy

It honestly depends! I love both fairly equally. If it is a fantasy novel, I definitely prefer trilogies. I like standalone novels if they are contemporary romance unless the rest of the books in the series follow other characters.


Heavy & Long OR Short & Sweet

I’m a total mood reader, but typically, I like to rotate between the two. If I had to choose, I’d probably go with short and sweet.


Reading Somewhere Cozy OR in the Sun

Somewhere cozy, but I do love going to the beach and reading! I think the downside (aside from sweating in the sun), is all the squinting that goes along with reading in the sun!


Hot Chocolate OR Coffee

OMG give me all the hot chocolate!


Let me know if you end up doing this tag! I’d love to read your responses!




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