{Review by Kayla} Fated Loss by Claudia Caren (Red Rose and Black Ash #1)

Review by Kayla, In Love & Words Teen Reader

Overall Rating: 5 Stars
Title: Fated Loss
Author: Claudia Caren
Series: Red Rose and Black Ash #1
Format: eBook Recieved in Exchange for an Honest Review

For two years, her memories were lost.

For two years, she believed a lie.

For two years, thousands of lives rested in her hands. But she didn’t even know.

Because she can’t remember her past, Rose Kristal thinks she is an ordinary girl until her sixteenth birthday. On that day she discovers she is far beyond ordinary. On that day she remembers what she had forgotten. Now with thousands of people in peril, Rose needs to take back what has been stolen from her.

Second by second, time ticks down and challenges pile up as Rose struggles to reclaim her kingdom from a vile tyrant. One who is determined to vanquish her. And to make matters more complicated, she is falling for a kind guy with a deadly secret.

But Rose’s biggest fear—losing the one she loves to the prophecy.





I loved this book so much and I knew right from the first sentence! The book grabbed me and did not let me go until I finished it!

I just finished the book and I’m dying to read book two thanks to the intense cliffhanger.

I enjoyed this book from the story plot to the characters and to the adventure.

This book led me through an amazing adventure and I loved it. My heart is still beating fast.

Butterfly Rating: 2 Stars

I only got a little bit of butterflies in this story but my heart is still rapidly beating for the intensity.

Book Boyfriend Rating: 5 stars

I fell in love with Logan right when he was introduced and he just kept getting better and better thought the story!

Age Recommendation: 12+

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