Bookish Things I love: May 2018


It’s the time of month where my wallet and will-power hate me. The time of month where I share a small collection of bookish items that I’ve been lusting after. The time of month where I drag you down the rabbit hole with me.

Let’s go.


These ugly, ridiculous shoes that I would totally rock.


These office supply holders that would make my desk at work feel more like home.



This tissue box holder is definitely something to sneeze about.



A shirt those of us who aren’t afraid of this particular confession.



A bag for those of us who always have… plans.



The truest bookmark.



If you collect fun mugs like me, this one is definitely worth adding to your collection.



These adorable, simplistic, book-nerdy pencils.



I legit laughed out loud when I saw this shirt.



An actual rendering of my heartbeat on a bag.



Want to see all of my favorite bookish things? Follow my Bookish Things I love board!


Which of these fun bookish items do you like the best?





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