Bookish Things I Love: April 2018

Happy Taco Tuesday, lovelies!

My husband is being wonderful and taking over bath time tonight, so I’m over here updating the blog with one of my favorite yet expensive posts (cuz half the time I end up buying the things I list).

Book update: I’m currently reading my very first CD Reiss book and I’m dying over how much I’m loving it.

Alright, onto the bookish goodness!

Bookish Things I Love

This mug is fantastic for those of us who like to listen to audiobooks while working out.



I’m living for these street lamp bookends.



This throw pillow is me every weekend.



This pin is my preferred way to fight evil.



No, seriously, this shirt totally is how I roll.



This very aggressive pin is hilarious and necessary for my imaginary pin collection.



Hopefully a candle like this will get the message across.



Ughhhh these bookends need to GET ON MY BOOKSHELF NAO!



Two things I love that have come together: tea and books!!



If you want to see all the fun booksih things I’m loving in real time, follow my Bookish Things I Love board on Pinterest!


Which of these bookish items do you LOVE?




16 thoughts on “Bookish Things I Love: April 2018

  1. I love bookish throw pillows! I keep hounding my mom to needlepoint me 4 for my couches. I love the theme for my living room that’s all things reading! Especially seeing as how the focal point of my house is my bookshelves! 🙂

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