Where I Get My Books

Recently, I shared a tour of my home library. I thought a fun follow-up to that video would be a list of where I get all the books to fill the 13 bookshelves I have in my home!

It is extremely rare that I pay full price for a book. I am definitely a bargain shopper when it comes to book buying!

Here are the most common places I purchase books.


Library Book Sales

Most of the books on my shelves have come from library book sales. I tend to fill entire carts full of books and rarely pay more than $10 total. It’s awesome. The best part? I’m supporting a library!

Library book sales are major events for me. To the point where I legit take off of work and stay with my parents when their library has a book sale. Don’t judge!


Library Bookstores

My local library’s bookstore is a completely separate (and adorable) building with a great selection. None of the books in the store are more than $2 (there are even some free books!) and you can stuff a bag from the fiction section for only $5. Again, the funds go right back to supporting the library.




I’m a very happy Audible member. My plan is for 1 book per month, however Audible is always having awesome sales, so I almost always end up buying books whenever they have a sale. I also have the new romance package, which has been amazing!



I’ve purchased a handful of hard copies of books from Amazon, however I mostly buy my ebooks from this site (since I own a Kindle Paperwhite). I also download a ton of free ebooks from Amazon!


Barnes & Noble

Any time I visit the mall by my work, I have to stop by Barnes & Noble. Therefore, it is kind of inevitable that I end up buying something. I’m always getting B&N coupons via email and I also tend to stick with bargain and/or sale books.


My Mom

If you’ve been a long time reader of my blog, you know that my two older sisters, my mom, and I all love the same types of books (for the most part). My sisters and I all have libraries in our homes, but my mom does not (much to her dismay!) Aside from my mom (who reads, like, 3 books a day — oh the retired life), I read the most out of all of us. Therefore, I get dibs on all of my mom’s books when she finishes them. I use this to my full advantage. Any time I read an ebook or audiobook that I love and decide I MUST have a hard copy of, I tell my mom about the book and she ends up buying the hard copy for herself … which she then offloads to me. Score!

Where do you buy your books?

9 thoughts on “Where I Get My Books

  1. I wish we had a largish size library nearby that offered book sales!

    I mostly get my books off Amazon, though I can get a bit crazy at times as it is so easy with the buy with one click feature. I can’t help myself! Also B&N is nearby, so I am ALWAYS in there. There are also a handful of used book stores around that I frequent a couple times a year. I can usually grab a box or two for cheap. Actually planning on going to a three story bookstore in Boston this weekend after a hockey game! More excited for the bookstore!

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    1. I’ve heard good things about Thriftbooks! I’m always browsing sites like Thriftbooks and Book Depository, but I’ve never actually bought anything. One day, one day…

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