The Reclamation (The Club #2) by Lauren Rowe

Overall Rating: 4 Stars


The Reclamation (The Club #2) by Lauren Rowe

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Sarah: “My entire life has spiraled into chaos—and yet, all I can think about is my raging, thumping, insatiable addiction to Jonas’ magical touch. He’s unleashed an all-consuming hunger inside me that can only be satisfied when Jonas finally surrenders to me the same way I’ve surrendered to him—mind, body and soul.”

Jonas and Sarah’s addictive love story picks up right where the first book left off, hurtling to a heart-stopping conclusion that will leave readers breathless and screaming for the unforgettable final installment of The Club Trilogy.

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I dove head first into this book after reading the first, and since I read Captain and Ball Peen Hammer before The Club series, I expected (and hoped) this book would be more about Josh’s story, yet still continue with the storyline, if that makes sense. Obviously, I didn’t read the synopsis.

While I didn’t mind hearing more about Jonas and Sarah in this book, the thrill of falling in love has already taken place at this point, so that dimmed this book a bit for me. Luckily, I really enjoyed the story and the drama, which kept me reading.

I will say, I don’t know that this needed to be a series. I’m pretty sure the first two books in this story could have been edited down to one book. I haven’t had the urge to pick up the third book despite the cliffhanger in this one and I think it’s because I worry that I am going to get burnt out on Jonas and Sarah. That could also be because I already love Josh thanks to Captain and I want to hear more about him!

Anyway, LR continues to be one of my new favorite authors with her ability to artfully mix humor and steam. I will (eventually) read the third book, but I’m taking a short break for now.


Audiobook Performance: 5 Stars

You know the drill here, LR reads her own books and is once again paired beautifully with John Lane.


Butterfly Rating: 3 Stars

Very few butterflies in this one, guys. I believe it’s as I said before, the thrill of falling in love has passed and it’s those times that are always ripe with butterflies.


Re-read Worthiness: Maybe

We’ll see how the rest of the series pans out. If I love the next two books there is a good chance I’ll want to reread the entire thing!


Bookshelf Placement: Yes

Probably gonna need all of LR’s books on my shelf.


Book Boyfriend Rating: 5 stars

I’ve already rated Jonas in the previous book and my rating hasn’t changed. I adore him!


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