Freebie: Books are Proof Signing Board

For my very first book convention, Apollycon, I knew I wanted to bring something special (aside from books) for the authors to sign that was something I could display and would be worth keeping.

I ultimately decided to just design something simple, get it printed at Walgreens on one of their wood boards, and have the authors sign it.

I was so glad that I ended up doing this! It worked out really well and I love having it displayed on my bookshelf!

So… I decided to share the artwork with all of you!

You can use this image however you’d like (credit back if you can), but it does work really well as a signing board for book signings. If you have a Walgreens nearby, you can get it printed on a Wood Panel. I got mine printed on an 8×10 wood panel.

proof humans work magic
Download JPG

Enjoy! Let me know if you end up using it! I’d love to see how it turns out!

9 thoughts on “Freebie: Books are Proof Signing Board

      1. Yeah I did that for my first Book Festival. I met up with someone I met through twitter and instagram… I saw her again last year. Book lovers are the nicest. Which helps because I’m super shy in person haha.

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