Book Dragon Lair’s Liebster Award Questions

I nominated my lovely friend Peachy over at Book Dragon Lair for The Liebster Award and her answers to the questions I posed were fantastic (you should definitely head over there and read them!)

According to the rules, if you are nominated, you nominate 11 blogs and give them questions of your own.

Peachy’s questions were so great, so when she suggested that I answer her questions, too, I definitely wanted to take her up on it.


What are your top 3 favorite #bookstagram accounts?
I’m fairly new to bookstagram, but here are 3 I like so far:
Batlatte, Whispering Shelves, dc_booknerd

If you can name your child/pet after a book character, what will be the name of your child/pet?
When I read Full Measures by Rebecca Yarros, I immediately fell in love with the main character’s name, Ember, which is short for December.

What is the date stamp on the first post of your current blog?

July 7, 2017

What are your top 2 underrated recommended reads?
A Little Night Magic by Lucy March was so funny and cute and magical.
My Name is Memory by Ann Brashares hit me where it counts.
I was so surprised to see the ratings for these books weren’t much higher because I loved them both!

What are some features you wish more bookstores would have? This can either be something that’s already present but generally not, or something you’ve never seen.
Super comfy chairs. The Barnes & Noble near my old apartment used to have a bunch of nice lounge areas, but then they got rid of them 😦

Name your top 5 book boyfriends/girlfriends.
OMG this is so hard! Let’s see…
Rhysand (ACOMAF), Rowan (Throne of Glass series), Matthew (A Discovery of Witches), Lance (Pucked Off), Fear (Some Quiet Place)

Let’s have some fun. Do, date, or ditch your answers to Q6. Since there are only 3 categories, the 2 you don’t mention you automatically ditch
OMGGGGGG!!! This is torture! You’re so evil, Peachy!
Do: Rowan
Date: Rhys
Ditch: Matthew

Write one favorite book quote, include author and name, and why
“No one is truly honest. Even if we don’t lie to others, we often lie to ourselves. And the word good means different things to different people.” – Caraval, Stephanie Garber… I’m currently reading this book and just recently underlined it in the book.

Name a buzz book/super popular book you think is overrated.
Moto by M. Never is pretty popular in the audiobook romance world. I’ve heard quite a bit of buzz about this book and I just did not understand why after I read it aside from two of my favorite audiobook readers performing it, I just didn’t like the story at all. (My review will be posted soon!)

What’s one song that reminds you of a particular book, and what book does it remind you of?

Salvation by Gabrielle Aplin is so perfect for ACOMAF!
You are the avalanche
One world away
My make believing
While I’m wide awake
Just a trick of light
To bring me back around again
Those wild eyes
A psychedelic silhouette
I never meant to fall for you but I
Was buried underneath and
All that I could see was white
My salvation
My, my
My salvation
My, my
You are the snowstorm
I’m purified
The darkest fairytale
In the dead of night
Let the band play out
As I’m making my way home again
Glorious we transcend
Into a psychedelic silhouette
I never…

If a book you liked is made into a movie, include pictures of your ideal cast for at least 2 of the characters. You can pick a book that’s already been made into a movie if you think some other actors/actresses could have played the role/s.
I’ll go with The Hating Game
Thomas Beaudoin as Joshua
Alexis Bledel as Lucy

Thanks again, Peachy, for the great questions! ❤

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