Decemeber/January DNFs: Books I Couldn’t Finish

I would like to preface this post by saying that the books that get put into my DNF (Did Not Finish) pile are not always going to be books I disliked.

A lot of times, for me anyway, reading a book and enjoying it has a lot to do with timing and what I’m in the mood to read. Sometimes I’m just not feeling a fantasy book, so if I find I am struggling to get through a book, I’ll put it down and pick it back up again when I’m more in the mood.

Other times, I just can’t stand the book and refuse to spend any more precious reading time on it when I have so many books on my TBR calling to me.

It can go either way. LOL!

Typically, I like to give a book at least a few chapters or around 20% at minimum before I give up completely.

Anywho, here are the books I didn’t finish in the months of December and January.

The Assassin’s Blade (Throne of Glass, #0.1-0.5) by Sarah J Maas

Quick overview:
This is a prequel to SJM’s Throne of glass series which tells the story of Aelin’s past.

Format: Audiobook

Why I didn’t finish:
Every single book in this series has always started off slow for me. It always takes me awhile to get into it and I swear, if I hadn’t read SJM’s A Court of Thorns and Roses series and died from loving it so hard, I probably wouldn’t have given this series a chance at all. But I trust SJM to pull through for me eventually. For some reason, though, this book seemed to be taking a lot longer for me to get through.

Will I try again?
I just finished Tower of Dawn and there are references to things that happen in this book, so now I’m feeling motivated to read it again!

Goodreads | Amazon


Hail Mary by by Nicola Rendell

Quick Overview:
Mary is a literal kickass boxer who knocks out football star, Jimmy, and they instantly fall in love and both think every part of one another’s anatomy is sexy.

Format: Audiobook

Why I didn’t finish:
There were two huge pet peeves happening in this one for me: an instalove I wasn’t invested in and inner monologues that were overwrought with how hot and sexy the other person was. I literally found myself yelling, “OK! I GET IT! HE’S HOT! CAN WE MOVE ON?”

Legit, this is my update on Goodreads at 10%:

Omg. Ok, I get it. The main characters are sexy. Can we not label every single body part some variation of the word throughout the entire book? Literally… thumbs, throats, eyelashes…

I ended up giving up at about 20% because I just couldn’t anymore. I was very sad about it since it had such a great premise, but I couldn’t connect to either of the characters and was just getting annoyed by everything.

Will I try again?
No, this one is firmly in the DNF pile, unfortunately. I’ve read so many great sports romances (Please see Pucked and The Wall of Winnipeg and Me) and a few instalove romances done right (Please see: Captain and Ball Peen Hammer), this just wasn’t one of them for me.

Goodreads | Amazon


Co-Wrecker by Meghan Quinn

Quick Overview:
Andrew is a nerdy, yet super charismatic and hot guy who lands a job at an ice cream parlor where he meets the girl who is forced to train him, Sadie, thus beginning a cat and mouse chase in which Andrew is a mouse trying to chase the bitchy cat, Sadie.

Format: Paperback

Why I didn’t finish:
I just couldn’t get past Sadie. Here Andrew is, super sweet, charming, funny, hot, and completely infatuated with a girl for no real reason considering how mean she is to him.

Granted, I only made it through about 20% of the book, so I’m sure she redeems herself at some point, but I just wasn’t on board with the romance between these two.

I felt like Andrew’s character was a little too perfect. I guess I was kind of hoping he’d be a bit more dorky. Like, legit dorky, not just smart, but a little socially awkward, too. Yes, he is a little goofy, but he comes off more as charismatic than awkward, which didn’t make him so much dorky to me as a really smart, charming guy who is falling for a grumpy girl just because she’s hot… I dunno.

Will I try again?
Not likely. I will probably give this author another chance (I want to read My Best Friend’s Ex), but I wasn’t 100% sold on the writing style either, unfortunately. We shall see, though! You can’t win them all!

Goodreads | Amazon


Did you read any of these books? What were your thoughts? Are there any books you haven’t been able to finish lately?

13 thoughts on “Decemeber/January DNFs: Books I Couldn’t Finish

  1. I’m more a ToG lover so I really can’t wait for the final book – I want the endings. Meanwhile I am more than halfway through ACOWAR, but I still have 400 pages left and I haven’t picked it up again several months later. I own Tower of Dawn and I’ll have to read it pretty soon….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My sister and I read ACOWAR out loud to each other in one night without stopping. We began at 6pm and didn’t stop reading until 2pm the next day.

      I feel like I will need to elaborate on that story and the other insane things my sister and I have done in the name of books at some point, but for now I will leave you with that LOL!


  2. I actually haven’t read any of those books but I do have some books I haven’t finished. It kind of made me feel bad at first but I guess most of them were like you said the time when I read the books haha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! I used to feel so guilty for not finishing books, but as my reading list grew out of control I was like, “Ain’t nobody got time for that.” LOL!


  3. I have read The Assassin’s Blade and I really loved it. Then again I read Throne of Glass before ACOTAR. It is kind of slow, but I do feel the stories make us understand more of her life.
    I can’t stand instalove. That ruins a book for me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I usually have the same feelings about instalove, but I’ve seen it done right a couple of times. I think the author just has to make me really buy into the love!


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