That Time I Published a Novel…

Things have been pretty quiet here on the blog lately and I swear I have a pretty good reason.

I pushed the launch button on my debut novel, A Soul Full of Stars.


It’s terrifying and exciting and surreal and I cannot wait for you to read it.

Ever since I could put pen to paper I’ve been writing stories, but this is the very first that I’ve ever actually finished to the point of publishing. I chose to independently publish my novel mostly because it was just so darn easy with Kindle Direct Publishing.

That and, ultimately, I just really wanted to share these characters with fellow romance-novel-loving people. As much as the thought of being a full-time novelist sounds appealing, I truly write because I love it and I love the story and the characters and I really love sharing those things with others.

A Soul Full of Stars is a story that contains everything I crave in romance novels. After all, some of my very favorite authors always say, “Write what you love.”

So I did. I wrote about fierce friendships, sisterhood, and falling in love. I included poetry and heartbreak and butterflies and, of course, a fair amount of steam. (There are also hot, talented guys with tattoos thrown in.)

Here is the synopsis from Goodreads:

“I’m the sweat pooling between your shoulder blades, the sheets tangled among your calves, the tongue at your collarbone, and the sigh caught between your lips. I am everything you dream about when waking, aching.”

I sent that poetic sext to a complete stranger.
And you know what the best part is?
He sent one back.

This is the story of what happens when a spark ignites and stars collapse. When words are heartbeats and poetry is a promise.

This is Sonnet Cole’s story, and it’s just the beginning.


A Soul Full of Stars is available on Amazon. The ebook is free on Kindle Unlimited and .99 otherwise. The paperback is $10 on Prime.

However, if you’d like a copy of the ebook in exchange for review consideration, you can email me

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