That Time I Published a Novel…

Things have been pretty quiet here on the blog lately and I swear I have a pretty good reason.

I pushed the launch button on my debut novel, A Soul Full of Stars.


It’s terrifying and exciting and surreal and I cannot wait for you to read it.

Ever since I could put pen to paper I’ve been writing stories, but this is the very first that I’ve ever actually finished to the point of publishing. I chose to independently publish my novel mostly because it was just so darn easy with Kindle Direct Publishing.

That and, ultimately, I just really wanted to share these characters with fellow romance-novel-loving people. As much as the thought of being a full-time novelist sounds appealing, I truly write because I love it and I love the story and the characters and I really love sharing those things with others.

A Soul Full of Stars is a story that contains everything I crave in romance novels. After all, some of my very favorite authors always say, “Write what you love.”

So I did. I wrote about fierce friendships, sisterhood, and falling in love. I included poetry and heartbreak and butterflies and, of course, a fair amount of steam. (There are also hot, talented guys with tattoos thrown in.)

Here is the synopsis from Goodreads:

Sonnet Cole wants nothing less than absolute poetic devastation at the hands of a broken heart. After all, how else will she know that hers is beating?

If you ask her best friend and tattoo artist Vaughn, however, he’ll tell you (with an eye roll) that she is far too caught up in her excessive dream world to ever fall in love in the first place. At 25 years old, Sonnet has curated a near-perfect life for herself: She owns an artistic salon right next door to her two best friends’ tattoo parlor, both of which harbor fantastically interesting clients. She lives in an adorable loft right in the middle of the city, she satisfies her love of poetry in her spoken word group, she lives for making her melancholy twin sister and mother of two laugh with stories of her “life of luxurious freedom.”

There is one very important thing missing from Sonnet’s life, though. She’s never been in love. More importantly, she’s never had a broken heart, and that’s what she craves most as a poet and as a human being.

And what better way to confirm that she is alive than to have her heart ripped from her chest?

But when Sonnet finally gets what she wants, well, we all know how that is going to end. Or do we?


A Soul Full of Stars is available on Amazon. The ebook is free on Kindle Unlimited and .99 otherwise. The paperback is $10 on Prime.

However, if you’d like a copy of the ebook in exchange for review consideration, you can email me

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